Zephyr Changes the Crypto Predictions Market – Are You In?

In 2022, crypto winter wiped out crypto investments. Zephyr, a revolutionary platform that allows users to make up to x24 in any market with 30% less risk, is a game-changer! Ready?

Zephyr – The Next Generation Crypto Prediction Market Platform

Zephyr, a Tier-1 Tier-1 gamified guessing space, was launched on the crypto prediction scene 2022. This platform revolutionized trading and governance within the Futarchy paradigm. Prediction markets use crypto price beliefs to determine the likelihood of success or failure.

Users can convert their beliefs into profits without having to buy shady coins. They also get a chance to earn up to x24 per day in a compelling gaming way: achievements ladder and monthly leaderboards. Zephyr allows everyone to turn their beliefs into profits while observing fair trading standards and gamified concepts.

You want to know how it works, and why this platform is growing in popularity? Let's take a look at it step by step!

With up to x24 daily profit, Crypto Market Predictions

For those who don't know, Zephyr is a new stack for a radically profitable crypto prediction market with 30% more success odds to win in a manipulation-resistant environment. Trading on traditional exchanges without profit is still a "mission impossible", for 99% traders regardless of their level.

It is hard to believe that the current trading system is boring and boring.

Zephyr recommends that crypto users take a deep breath to achieve net positive. This means that 60% of users can remain in the black because the project lowers trading risk. Zephyr is aiming to reach 400+ million crypto enthusiasts in a short-term perspective and will welcome every new user with a $10 welcome gift.

Zephyr was designed to allow crypto-curious netizens to make a profit from crypto with only 60% risk. Start small or go all-in – Zephyr's hassle-free flow of crypto price prediction, flexible market sentiment analytics and unique copy guessing are ideal for speculators looking to earn crypto with cryptocurrency's price prediction.

This is a great use-case to make profit on Zephyr. Even a beginner can do it:

An average Zephyr user creates 5 forecasts using $5 Bids. A user can make up to $40 per day with a Zephyr forecast. This is 30% more than traditional crypto trading platforms.

Take a look!

You can jump into crypto with a next-gen prediction area, or visit the Zephyr Wiki for all the details and easy-to-understand crypto predictions flow.

How Zephyr differs

Zephyr has reimagined the long-established patterns in decentralised prediction markets and (DPMs), and created novel and gamified opportunities for users to turn their efforts into profit.

Zephyr believes in "predicting as a game" and rewards crypto enthusiasts with gamified achievements perks. This allows them to run the following new functionalities:

  • Guessing Space. You don't have to take on risk by buying coins or paying gas charges. Zephyr gives users 30% more chance to profit from crypto market forecasts than traditional trading. A user can also make up to 24 percent profit per day.
  • Versatile Market Sentiment Analysis. It provides market data that is unbiased and complies with the wisdom of the crowd principle. Zephyr people allow users to use accurate market analytics to improve their score before they make any trading moves. Crypto exchanges, on the other hand, have such data but do not share it with primary users.
  • Copy Guessing/Trading: It can be difficult to raise money for crypto, especially for those who are new to forecasting or trading synthetically. A Zephyr user can now replicate the top traders on Zephyr in real time, increasing trading performance every day. MVPs can also increase their profits by earning additional commission income for each deal.
  • Zephyr Earn is a DeFi-related staking program and liquidity providing program. To participate in the platform’s governance, provide liquidity and earn the highest yield, you can stake ZEPH utility tokens.

Register Today to Receive a $10 Gift

Zephyr created a wonderful welcome bonus to sweeten users' lives and allow them to take advantage of the platform's many benefits. Zephyr will not play hanky panky with users. In terms of bonuses, the deal is very limited. First come, first serve! It's easy to get a $10 bonus with just a few steps.

  1. Sign-up for Zephyr
  2. Register at Gleam
  3. Completion of a few basic social tasks Login to your social media account if you need.
  4. Get a $10 gift to run your first forecast!

Last but not least, users' knowledge should be considered. You can use crypto signals, AI price predictions or KOLs opinions to place a price futures trade with Zephyr. Are you ready to give it a shot?

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We hope this article helped you to gain a better appreciation of gold as a tool for investment. We strongly recommend that you research all available options before making any decisions. Only then can you make informed decisions.

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