The U.S. SEC’s Cash-Only Requirement for Spot Bitcoin ETFs is “Nonsense,” Says Vaneck’s Director

Vaneck's Director Calls SEC's Requirement "Nonsense"

Gabor Gurbacs, the director of Digital Assets Strategy at asset management firm Vaneck, has criticized the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for its cash-only requirement for spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). He referred to this requirement as "Kabuki theatre" and believes it is unnecessary to restrict bitcoin ETPs to cash only.

Publicly Listed Companies Already Hold Billions of Dollars in Bitcoin

Gurbacs points out that many publicly listed companies already hold billions of dollars in bitcoin on their balance sheets. These companies have acquired bitcoin through various means, such as transfers from trading platforms and mining. This demonstrates that the cash-only requirement is not justified, as there are already significant holdings of bitcoin by publicly listed companies.

Hong Kong Allows Both Cash and In-Kind Models for Spot Bitcoin ETFs

Gurbacs praises Hong Kong for its more open-minded approach to spot bitcoin ETFs. He highlights that Hong Kong allows both the cash and in-kind models for these ETFs. Gurbacs believes that relaxing the rules in the U.S. will provide a capital and competitive advantage, as other jurisdictions are more accommodating to different ETF creation methods.

The SEC Considers 13 Spot Bitcoin ETF Applications

The SEC is currently reviewing 13 spot bitcoin ETF applications, including one from Vaneck. The regulator has been pushing issuers to use the cash creation method if they want to be included in the first batch of spot bitcoin ETF decisions. Gurbacs, however, predicts that the cash-only requirement will not hold out for long, as in-kind creations and redemptions are more efficient and beneficial for investors.

What are your thoughts on the SEC's cash-only requirement for spot bitcoin ETFs? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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By: Kevin Helms
Title: The U.S. SEC's Cash-Only Requirement for Spot Bitcoin ETFs is “Nonsense,” Says Vaneck's Director
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Published Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2023 06:30:40 +0000

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