SEC Provides Guidance on Spot Bitcoin ETFs, Encourages Cash Creation Method

SEC's Advice Regarding Spot Bitcoin ETFs

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has reportedly provided specific guidance to exchanges seeking to list and trade spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on what they should do next. This development brings optimism for spot bitcoin ETF approval by the SEC.

Engagement with Exchanges

According to Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric Balchunas, the SEC's Division of Trading and Markets has engaged in discussions with exchanges. The SEC has advised them to use the cash creation method instead of the in-kind method for spot bitcoin ETFs. Exchanges have been asked to file amendments reflecting this change in the next couple of weeks.

Why Cash Creation Makes Sense

The use of cash creation for spot bitcoin ETFs is seen as a positive step by many in the crypto space. Balchunas suggests that cash creation puts the onus on issuers to transact in bitcoin, eliminating the need for broker-dealers to use unregistered subsidiaries or third-party firms. This method provides fewer limitations overall.

Positive Progress

Marshall Beard, Chief Strategy Officer at crypto exchange Gemini, sees the SEC's guidance as real progress. He notes that the Canadian spot ETFs have been using the cash create model for years. The clarity provided by the SEC's advice on the cash vs in-kind debate is seen as a positive development.

Efficiency of In-Kind Creates

While the SEC's cash creation advice is viewed positively by some, others argue that in-kind creates are more efficient. Gabor Gurbacs, strategy advisor at Vaneck, believes that the SEC's advice shows a lack of understanding and acceptance of the best aspects of ETFs and bitcoin. He emphasizes that in-kind creates are simply much more efficient.

Issuer's Perspective

Balchunas acknowledges the SEC's point of view in favor of cash creates but highlights that from an investor's perspective, in-kind creates may be better in terms of the spread and taxation. He suggests that some issuers may push for the in-kind process and could potentially engage with the SEC staff to succeed in their efforts.

SEC Chairman's Statement

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler has stated that the securities regulator is considering eight to ten spot bitcoin ETF applications. It is expected that the SEC will approve multiple spot bitcoin ETFs at once in early 2022.

In conclusion, the SEC's guidance on using cash creates for spot bitcoin ETFs is seen as a significant step forward. While there are differing opinions on the efficiency of cash vs in-kind creates, the overall sentiment is that this development brings clarity to the approval process and indicates progress in the path towards spot bitcoin ETFs.

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By: Kevin Helms
Title: SEC Provides Guidance on Spot Bitcoin ETFs, Encourages Cash Creation Method
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Published Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2023 01:00:20 +0000

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