Report: Nigerian Currency Hits Record Low Against US Dollar

Official Exchange Rate Matches Unofficial Market Rate

The Nigerian currency, the naira, recently reached a new low against the US dollar, with an official exchange rate of 1,248 naira for every greenback. This rate closely matches the rates offered on the unofficial foreign exchange market, where the naira has been steadily depreciating.

Abandoning the Fixed Exchange Rate Regime

When President Bola Ahmed Tinubu took office in May, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) decided to abandon the fixed exchange rate regime. This move initially caused the naira to plunge by 30%, and it has continued to depreciate since then.

On December 19, the naira briefly hit a record low of 1,248 naira for every US dollar before recovering to 845 naira by the end of the day. However, on the unofficial market, the naira's value against the greenback continued to decline, with one dollar buying 1,228 naira by December 20.

Challenges in Generating Foreign Exchange

Experts believe that Nigeria's inability to generate enough foreign exchange to support its currency is one of the main reasons for the naira's continued depreciation. The country's economy relies heavily on oil exports, and the decline in oil prices has put pressure on its foreign exchange reserves.

Predictions for the Future

CBN Governor Olayemi Cardoso, speaking before the Nigerian Senate and House of Representatives Joint Committee, expressed optimism about the naira's future. He predicted that the domestic economy would maintain a positive trajectory in 2024, with inflation and exchange rate pressures expected to decrease.

Although the current situation may be challenging, there is hope that the Nigerian currency will stabilize and regain its strength against the US dollar in the coming years.

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Title: Report: Nigerian Currency Hits Record Low Against US Dollar
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