Mergers and Acquisitions Innovation for DeFi and Web3 Pushed Forward, Crypto Collapse Phoenix

In 2021, the global cryptocurrency market was valued at US$ 1,782 Billion. Sectors like DeFi and NFTs allowed individuals to earn high yields on their investments and create unique collectables as web3 introduces decentralized and permissionless ownership of assets to individuals.

Acquire.Fi is creating the first-of-its-kind Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) marketplace for web3, crypto, blockchain, and NFT companies or IPs. The platform is equipped with crowdfunding and fractionalized ownership through NFTization.

The project is steadfast in enabling all investors to participate in wealth-building M&A opportunities using cryptocurrency.

A Platform to Access Exclusive M&A Deal Flows

Web3 M&A deals originate only in the back channels among trusted parties, the crypto founders, promoters, advisors, or influencers. M&A alpha is highly sensitive, intricate, and confidential.

For most investors, there isn’t a platform to view or shop the full spectrum of Web3 innovation. However, most investors do not have the time or financial, technical, and legal expertise to deal with M&A and web3 valuations and due diligence.

Acquire.Fi is a backstage pass to unpublished deals and confidential M&A alpha. $ACQ staking grants investors tiered access to the Acquire.Fi platform and unique investment opportunities.

The team also provides matching services to investors with businesses or IPs they are interested in acquiring.

An Innovative Wealth Building Tool

Many investors do not have the same investment opportunities as institutional or accredited investors, excluding them from wealth-building opportunities through acquisitions.

Acquire.Fi establishes inclusivity in wealth-building opportunities through investment pools, crowdfunding, and fractionalized ownership.

The platform allows investors to list and sell their NFTs on a secondary marketplace, making the acquired investments liquid assets.

DeFi investors can participate in acquiring traditional investments using cryptocurrency, but they do not have to leave the blockchain sphere to invest in real-world investments.


With a listing database comprising over 40 companies with a revenue potential of $82 million and deal flows for complete acquisitions ranging between $120000 to $12M, Acquire.Fi will be the world’s first marketplace for investing in crypto assets and IPs up for acquisition.

The company reached the MVP funding milestone in under two months; this guarantees the launch of the $ACQ token, liquidity farming, staking, investment tiers, governance, and access to novel investment opportunities.

Acquire.Fi is a wealth-building ecosystem ushering in the new era of web3 M&A where all investors are offered access and the opportunity to acquire a piece of the future.



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Title: Mergers and Acquisitions Innovation for DeFi and Web3 Pushed Forward, Crypto Collapse Phoenix
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Published Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2022 11:00:00 +0000

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