Founder of Web3 Messaging App: Decentralized Platforms Enable Users ‘to Build Their Communities in a Safe Place’

Web3 is the next generation of the internet. In an era where privacy rights are being compromised and censorship is increasing, it seems like Web3 is the solution that users have been waiting for. Web3 solutions and products have shown that users can be in control of their data, resulting in fewer breaches.

Decentralized Communication Finance (Dcfi).

Some Web3 startups have taken this as a starting point and are working to develop solutions that allow for decentralized finance to be combined with decentralized communications. Pravica Club, an Egypt-based Web3 company, recently launched a messaging platform.

Mohamed Abdou (the startup's cofounder and chief executive officer) said Pravica Club, a Web3 messaging, self custody, and blockchain-enabled conversation app, gives users the "opportunity" to create their communities in a safe environment. News' Abdou explained how the app is competitive due to Pravica Club’s eternal message, and its crypto payments functions. The co-founder shared information about the messaging app and his views on crypto regulations, as well as the rise of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a crypto hub and blockchain.

Below are Abdou’s written responses to the questions he was asked. News (BCN). You have recently launched a decentralized communications finance (dcfi), platform you call Pravica Club. Could you please explain the "dcfi" and why such a platform is necessary?

Mohamed Abdou MA: DCFI is a term that has been rising in crypto and describes the nature of platforms that allow decentralized communication as well as decentralized financing under one platform. This allows a broad range of users to access the same platform.

Pravica Club fits perfectly under this description. We enable secure, private, and decentralized messaging that is encrypted at all times with the user's own encryption keys. Pravica Club users log in using their own decentralized identities, DIDs (decentralized identities), without the need to use a username/password or mobile number. BTC or ETH. BTC, and so forth.

We offer people in the Web3 era an opportunity to build their communities safely and earn through multiple channels such as Value Weighted Messages. VWM allows community members to like posts and also "value" them with a fraction of crypto tokens to show their appreciation to the person who posted them.

Community builders can also earn bitcoin by offering premium features to their community members and followers. They will stack (not staking), for a certain amount crypto tokens, and then redirect the rewards to community owners.

BCN: Your company recently posted that the messaging platform includes the "eternal messages" feature. What makes your platform better or more efficient than the centralized messaging services?

MA Every message sent via messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram is stored on servers owned by the service provider. What if you wanted to save a conversation so that it remains forever, even if you discontinue using the service? It is impossible to save a conversation in the web2 world. However, smart contracts allow people to take a portion of conversation and place it in plain text on a chain. This will convert it into a single transaction ID that can be shared with anyone. The blockchain will keep it forever where you can verify it and use it as proof-of-chat.

It is a message that cannot be deleted or modified and is in an NFT (non-fungible token) format, which allows owners to possibly benefit from it.

For example, Vitalik Buterin's announcement of the success with the Ethereum merge was a great example. If he shared it with his Pravica Club community, that statement could become an everlasting message. Maybe 100 years later, this message can be found on the blockchain.

BCN: According to what you stated in a recent statement users of Dcfi are now able send crypto payments. Could you please clarify this?

MA Once you have authenticated with your cryptocurrency wallet, you can interact directly with your crypto assets while you're chatting. This amazing feature, which we call CASH_TAG, allows users to send and get crypto assets while they chat. It is not necessary to quit a chat session to ask for the other party's crypto address. Instead of wasting time, you can complete the transaction in just a few clicks. Web3.

BCN: Your company is based Eygpt where monetary authorities have recently reaffirmed their opposition to cryptocurrencies. You also have prominent Egyptian billionaire Naguib Seeiris, who denounces cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. What does this mean for your efforts to encourage cryptocurrencies as a payment option by Pravica Club members based in Egypt?

MA What a great question. We are grateful for shining a light on this matter. Pravica is an Egyptian, UAE, and USA-registered company. Our mission is to address a major problem in data privacy. While we use blockchain technology to address these issues, we do not endorse any cryptocurrency. We also don't allow tokens to be used in our tools or services.

There is no problem, as long as we follow the Egyptian regulator's guidelines. We warn our users that any service dealing directly with crypto assets should ensure that they comply with all regulations.

Pravica is a global company and is not aimed at any particular country. We are taking advantage of Egypt's position by employing great talent and using the cost efficiency to operate. We are proud to have been the first company in Egypt to start working in the blockchain space three years ago, and are still in operation despite all the challenges.


MA Although I don’t have any statistics to confirm this, I was reading an article from months back that indicated that Egypt had about 2% of its population own crypto (more than 2,000,000 people). I don’t know if that is correct or not.

Personally, I think Egypt is no different to the rest of the globe. More people are beginning to embrace crypto. That is why we built the fully web3 crypto native Pravica Club platform. Because if there are users today who aren't into crypto, they will soon be.

BCN: Although regulators in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), tend to be conservative when it comes to blockchain and cryptocurrency, many UAE regulators have embraced the technology. The UAE has become a major hub for blockchain and crypto startups in the MENA region. What does the UAE's emergence as a hub of crypto and blockchain tell you about the country’s approach to regulation of cryptocurrencies?

MA This is my opinion on how to best adopt and use this amazing technology. UAE is moving aggressively towards technology adoption. This is why Pravica registered in UAE under DMCC and crypto centre.

UAE is leading the adoption of blockchain technology in the region. They have issued regulations to organize how people deal with it. I believe many countries will follow their lead. I also see a tremendous initiative in Saudi Arabia to issue the regulations necessary to organize how people deal with virtual assets and crypto.

Crypto is here to stay. As soon as you adopt it as your country, the maximum amount of profit you'll earn. Pravica will continue expanding our offerings and geographical presence. We are currently seeking a seed round to fund $5 million.

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By: Terence Zimwara
Title: Founder of Web3 Messaging App: Decentralized Platforms Enable Users ‘to Build Their Communities in a Safe Place’
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Published Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2022 10:30:32 +0000

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