Freedom, Politics And The Future Of Bitcoin

The people should be able choose the best money for themselves without the assistance of the government. However, everyone is too dependent on the state to make decisions.

This transcript is an excerpt from the "Bitcoin Magazine podcast", hosted by P. and Q. Adam Meister joins them to discuss politics and the future bitcoin.

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Adam Meister, I think it's a great idea. It's amazing that Tether can print money out of thin air. It's fantastic. It's great if it doesn't have any backing. I don't care a whit. That should be our right. The best money should be available to everyone.

Okay. Although people hate Tether, it is a use case that shows the separation between money and state and how insane the State can become when faced with a challenger. Letitia James' desire to sue Tether. What advantages does New York have over Tether

It is a shame that so many norms are like "No, The State has every right of control." It shouldn't be possible to print your own money. Why? Why shouldn't you be able print your own money? Why not?

P: It's so natural. It is so deeply ingrained in our culture.

Q: Adam, I'm sorry, but it's for your security. It's not safe to print your own money. It is not for the benefit of others. Adam, you just don't have the mental capacity to handle it.

Meister: It's for children. It's for children. It is for the children.

This is how Elizabeth Warrens around the world achieve their power. Although I have mentioned her name here a few times, some people think she will run for president someday. But, dude, she is the Phantom Menace. She is the worst. She's the worst of all the major ones we've seen in the past eight years. But she's also smart. She appeals to children, women and the "this", she is a crypto mommy, hates rich people, and all that appeals towards the masses that promote violent revolution. She is not likely to bring about violent revolution. She brings the animalistic nature that causes people to envy her in a clean package that makes it look normal. This makes it very easy to hate people and envy. She has also identified cryptocurrency. She is smart and knows that Bitcoin could be a big target for her. She is determined to win and has found something she hates to help her do so.

This is "for the children, your own safety", she's the living example of this nonsense. But that's where the world is today. The virus is a disease that no one can control. It is up to the government to make it happen. Although it is sad, this is how most people feel.

By: Bitcoin Magazine
Title: Freedom, Politics And The Future Of Bitcoin
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Published Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2022 04:00:00 GMT

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