Euro Taps a $0.973 Low Against the US Dollar, Analysts Claim British and EU Currencies Are Trapped in a ‘Doom Loop’

Friday's plunge in the euro, the official fiat currency for 19 of the 27 EU member states, to $0.9732 against a dollar was reflected in the U.S. dollar. This drop occurs at a time fiat currencies such as the yen and yuan have struggled to compete with the greenback over the past six months. Analysts believe the euro and pound are stuck in a "doom loop", while it has also been suggested that the U.S. Dollar is the "only possible hedge" against a global economic collapse.

Citigroup Analysts Believe Greenback is the Only Hope in this Macroeconomic Environment

Strange times have greeted us in the worlds of finance, stocks, bonds and cryptocurrencies. The euro, the fiat currency of the European Union, was struggling to compete with the U.S. Dollar on Friday September 23rd. It is now nearing parity and will continue to struggle against the dollar into the weekend. Today, the euro trades at $0.97. It fell to $0.9732 in morning trading sessions (10:30). ET). In 24 hours, the euro has lost more that 1% against the greenback. This is the lowest level in 20 years.

Recent Bloomberg contributors Ruth Carson and Sofia Horta e Costa referred to analysts from Citigroup Inc. as well as the views of Canada's Imperial Bank of Commerce. The writers stated that the surging dollar led many people to believe that the U.S. currency is their only safe haven asset. Citi strategists Jamie Fahy, Adam Pickett and others provided a research note to the duo that discussed the phenomenon surrounding the U.S. Dollar.

Citi strategists assert that US dollar cash is the only place to hide. According to the bank's financial strategy analysts, a "deep recession" will reduce inflation. Win Thin is the Brown Brothers Harriman currency strategist in New York. He says that the macroeconomic environment seems favorable to the dollar. The Brown Brothers Harriman executive stated that the repricing Fed tightening risk is likely to keep dollar bids across the board in near term. Brown Brothers Harriman's currency strategist continued:

We said it during the most recent dollar correction lower that nothing fundamentally has changed and that the global backdrop continues favoring the dollar and U.S assets in general.

TD Securities Strategists Think Sterling Pound and Euro Are Stuck in a Doom Loop'

TD Securities strategists believe that the euro and pound are in a "doom loop", and the company's analysts believe it will get worse in the coming months. TD Securities strategists, James Rossiter and others explained on Friday that the doom circle is caused by low economic growth and rising fuel costs.

According to TD Securities analysts, the sterling pound could fall another 3% from its current levels. Rossiter and his team at TD believe that the European Central Bank (ECB), and Bank of England (BOE), can only do so much.

The currency strategists noted that "While BOE and the ECB want to slow down and reverse this loop, monetary policies can only limit the slowdown significantly before the coming winter." "Policymakers cannot produce the required energy supply."

What do you think of the euro falling to $0.9733 against a U.S. Dollar and the predictions made by analysts regarding the fiat currency. Please comment below to let us know your thoughts on this topic.

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By: Jamie Redman
Title: Euro Taps a $0.973 Low Against the US Dollar, Analysts Claim British and EU Currencies Are Trapped in a ‘Doom Loop’
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Published Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2022 16:30:59 +0000

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