EtherMail Offers a Lifeline to Web3 Projects Stranded by MailChimp

PRESS RELEASE. MailChimp’s recent decision to suspend newsletter services for crypto businesses expresses the widening chasm between web2 and web3 and the pronounced importance of a robust communications bridge between both realms. In recent weeks, many crypto and NFT projects were abruptly informed by MailChimp – in a matter-of-fact manner – that the risk associated with their account was “too great for us to support sending.” The breadth of this comprehensive policy means that many highly sophisticated and legitimate companies will no longer have a direct line of communication with the holders of their assets. This opens a new paradigm for anonymous and encrypted wallet-to-wallet communication.

Some web2 giants have a sense of trepidation regarding their involvement in the rapidly evolving web3 ecosystem. Often with emerging trends, there is a tendency for significant players to ‘let it play out, and if it catches on, we’ll buy out the pioneering companies’; this has been a universal truth over the years, with the likes of Facebook acquiring up-start platforms offering a dynamic new solution or feature. However, buying out a web3 company represents an entirely different scope due to the distribution of tokens and community involvement for many of these next-gen platforms.

Suppose there is a household name tech company that has enjoyed prolonged growth in the web2 era and is confronted with a potential new web3 regulatory framework that could impact the web2 customer base. In that case, the company might feel compelled to take action to protect its piece of the pie. Whether it’s tokens or a connect-to-wallet feature, these concepts can introduce new risks for web2 companies to grapple with.

MailChimp has been very successful in the web2 arena, with a suite of features designed specifically for web2 companies. However, they might acknowledge their limitations within the web3 arena and take a prudent approach to newsletter distribution for crypto projects. MailChimp may also accept that broadening its horizons may spell trouble. Remember, when someone tries to do everything and spread themselves too thin, they risk undercutting their original value proposition. Think Yahoo – once upon a time, it was the leading search engine, and because it tried to encompass too much, it lost significant ground to Google.

It is difficult to say what the calculus will be for MailChimp moving forward. Perhaps they’ll let another platform ride this wave, or they’re primarily concerned with protecting their piece of the pie, or maybe they’re even thinking about a new product offering. It is known that they’ve decided to ditch swathes of web3 companies, and as a result, these companies will need a platform to embrace them. EtherMail is that platform covering everything from moment zero regarding product, legalities and tokenomics for web3 users.

EtherMail is the only tool in the Web 3.0 space allowing web3 companies to send rich, relevant content directly to their asset holders based on blockchain-synced real-time information. The solution also helps companies proactively mitigate the risk of communication fraud by preemptively informing users of breaches and vulnerabilities while enabling self-updating mailing lists for community newsletter distribution based on up-to-the-minute smart contract data. Think Gmail + MailChimp + Metamask, and you have EtherMail.

Top platforms that want to explore partnership synergies have already attracted interest. The team will be running betas with companies around mailing and targeting their token holders and prospects in the coming months.

As the company grows, it is centrally focused on these web3 companies left in the cold by MailChimp. The team is building the products they need today. As the company is in the nascent development stage, the team has certain operational agility; meaning they can build what web3 projects need sooner, without legacy architecture stalling progress. As a result, the team can cater to them in a way that others can’t, providing a solution tailored to their needs and the contours of the web3 space.

For more information on how EtherMail can help your project maintain a direct and secure line of communication with your asset holders, visit:

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Title: EtherMail Offers a Lifeline to Web3 Projects Stranded by MailChimp
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Published Date: Tue, 06 Sep 2022 11:00:56 +0000

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