Singapore Tops List of 8 Countries ‘Most Interested in the Ethereum Merge’

A new Coingecko study found that Singapore has the highest search score of all countries interested in Ethereum's upcoming The Merge. This study also revealed that proof-of work (PoW), related searches were 169% more popular than proof-of stake (PoS) searches.

ETH Merge Researches

A new Coingecko study that sought to identify the countries most interested the Ethereum (ETH), Merge event found Singapore to be the top of the list with a total search score 377.

With a score 286, Canada and Switzerland tie for second. According to the study, Switzerland is the most popular search engine for "ETH" or "ETH Merge", while Canada scored highest for "ETH POW," which stands for the ethereum consensus mechanism.

The research, which was conducted between July 1st and September 4, 2022 also revealed that the U.S., Turkey, and Germany have the "highest search level for the term Ethereum POW." Australia and the Netherlands rank "third" and "fourth in search levels of ETH Merge."

PoW-related searches were 169% more popular than PoS searches in the top eight countries. However, "ETH" searches rank 40% higher than either "Ethereum Classic", or "ETH Classic" searches.

Ethereum Hard Fork

Bobby Ong, Coingecko's COO and cofounder, commented on the findings of the study.

The anticipation for the Merge is high as it will have a ripple effect on the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. This study may have accounted for the high search scores of 8 countries in this top 8.

Ong noted that some miners might want to keep mining, and this could lead to "multiple contentious difficult forks" post-Merge. According to Ong, this possibility has led to an increase in searches for terms like "ETH POW", and "Ethereum POW" in the past two-months.

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By: Terence Zimwara
Title: Singapore Tops List of 8 Countries ‘Most Interested in the Ethereum Merge’
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Published Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2022 10:30:30 +0000

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