Crypto Exchange Kraken Backs Enterprise-Grade Liquid Staking Protocol

Alluvial, a liquid staking company, announced Tuesday that a group of organizations would collaborate to create the "first enterprise grade multi-chain liquid-staking protocol." Alluvial explained that the protocol would be called the "Liquid Collective" with Kraken as a foundation member.

The Liquid Collective aims to promote a multi-Chain Liquid Staking standard

Alluvial, a liquid staking company, published a blog post introducing the new enterprise-grade multichain liquid staking protocol, the "Liquid Collective." It also includes a Liquid Foundation that includes participants such as Kraken and Coinbase Cloud, Staked Kiln, Figment and Alluvial. Alluvial announced Tuesday that the Liquid Collective would be managed in a distributed manner by a wide and diverse community of industry participants.

In the world of decentralized financial (defi) liquid staking is a popular trend. Lido Finance is today's largest liquid staking provider. The wrapped ether token Lido offers, called lido staked Ethereum (STETH). Coinbase launched its liquid staking token CBETH at the end of August. The Liquid Collective's enterprise grade token will be named LSETH. KYC/AML and other standardizations will be made into the protocol.

"Liquid Collective is a multi-chain liquid stake standard that seeks to address the need to provide the highest level of security and KYC/AML checks to institutions, Web3 native enterprise, and other regulated entities in order to meet regulatory obligations, best practices, while unlocking new liquidity, increased capital efficiency, and unlocking new liquidity on leading proof of share blockchains," Alluvial's post details.

Mark Forscher, Alluvial's CMO, believes the Liquid Collective protocol and brand will have a significant impact. The brand symbol of Liquid Collective is a collection of liquid droplets that are repeated in a circular shape. The shape represents 'one of many' and is harmoniously balanced. A star in the center symbolizes the creation of Liquid Collective. On Tuesday, Forscher observed that the sum is greater than the parts.

What did you think of Alluvial's announcement about the Liquid Collective members and Liquid Foundation? Please share your views on the subject below in the comments section.

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