Coinbase Cloud launches platform for web3 developers

Developers have instant access to the blockchain API with Node.coinbase Cloud.

The bottom line: Web3 developers can use Coinbase Cloud to create web3 applications that have instant, reliable read/write access to the blockchain using Node.

By Luv Kthari, Group Product Manager at Coinbase Cloud; Sriram Rajan, Product Manager at Coinbase Cloud

Web3 development can be complex. It is necessary to be proficient in new programming languages and blockchain technologies. There are also many protocols that need to be supported. Coinbase Cloud is dedicated to helping Web3 developers do the best thing: BUIDL. We're leveraging our expertise in Web3 products, staking, and blockchain infrastructure to make this technology accessible to developers all over the globe, beginning with Node.

Node allows developers to create and monitor Web3 applications using an intuitive platform that provides instant read/write access and data indexers.

Node, formerly Query & Transact has served dedicated, paid nodes for enterprises since 2020 to allow read/write access 25+ blockchains.

We've been listening to developers since then and have heard that there is a need for a Node developer version. We are offering a free plan to developers who build on Ethereum. This will allow them instant access via API to their blockchain nodes. We are also launching advanced APIs that make it easier to query the blockchain and provide powerful NFT APIs for developers all over the world.

Available with Node

Node's developer platform offers self-service API access credentials, metrics dashboards for monitoring and managing web3 projects, as well as developer resources to help you get started in web3 development.

  • Build faster: Create and launch your Web3 application within minutes using Node instant API access.
  • Lower costs and complexity:Scale seamlessly with your needs as they grow. Node lets you focus on your customers and products, while we handle scaling the blockchain infrastructure.
  • Trusted services: Build your product with confidence, using enterprise-grade security features and high availability infrastructure.
  • Advanced APIs Take away the complexity of building on blockchains with aggregated and filter data in one API call. Simple queries allow you to access comprehensive data about balances, transfers and smart contract events.
  • NFT API Create your NFT app in just a few lines. Find the answers to your most pressing NFT questions, including data on collections, transactions and tokens.
  • 120K daily request: Designed to allow meaningful adoption without requiring upfront infrastructure costs*. You can upgrade to a different plan if you require more capacity.

Node is now available around the globe. We think the most exciting web3 projects are ahead of us and we cannot wait to see how the community develops them! Start now for nothing.

Coinbase Cloud

Coinbase Cloud makes it easy to create dapps. Coinbase Cloud provides a fiat on ramp with Pay SDK and trading APIs. It also offers Wallet SDK and shared nodes. Our goal is to offer everything developers need to quickly and easily create amazing web3 applications.

Start with Node at Coinbase Cloud. For more information, see the developer documentation.

*This is not an assurance. There may be a variation in your needs depending on the case.

Services and features may differ depending on which plan you choose. Some plans may also be subject to additional fees or costs, or custom pricing.


This document and any information it contains is not intended to be a recommendation or endorsement for any digital asset, protocol network, project, or protocol. Coinbase could have or be able to have a substantial financial interest in or receive compensation for services related one or more digital assets, protocols networks entities, projects and/or ventures mentioned herein. There is a risk of losing cryptocurrency, even staking. Nothing herein is meant to guarantee that you will not lose.

This document is based on information that is believed to reliable. It has been obtained from reliable sources. However, Coinbase does not make any representations or warranties, either express or implied. All information herein can be modified by the underlying protocol networks, without limitation.

Use of Coinbase services may be contingent upon completion of Coinbase’s onboarding process. This includes entry into any legal documentation. All use of Coinbase’s services will be subject to and governed at all times by Coinbase’s policies including its terms of service, privacy policy and without limitation its terms of service.

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