Coinbase Expands European Footprint With Approval to Operate in France

Coinbase Registered in France

Crypto exchange Coinbase has received approval as a registered virtual asset service provider in France. This registration allows Coinbase to operate in France, continuing our plans to grow across Europe," the crypto platform detailed. "France is an important market for Coinbase … We are dedicated to partnering with high-bar regulators across jurisdictions to help update the financial system."

Coinbase's Global Expansion Strategy

Coinbase (Nasdaq: COIN) announced on Thursday that it has obtained a virtual asset service provider (VASP) registration in France. This milestone is part of Coinbase's strategy to "go broad and go deep" in order to scale globally. The company aims to launch foundational products that serve as gateways to Web3 and crypto in every country (go broad), while also establishing localized infrastructure and public-facing products with a full suite of services (go deep).

Coinbase's Approval and Services in France

With the VASP registration, Coinbase can now offer retail and institutional investors in France various services. These include custody of digital assets, buying and selling digital assets using legal tender, and trading digital assets against other digital assets. This approval comes at a time when the demand for cryptocurrencies in France is increasing. According to a recent survey, 10% of French adults currently own cryptocurrencies, and 24% plan to engage in crypto activities in the next 12 months. Coinbase attributes this growing interest to the belief that the global financial system unfairly favors powerful interests, as expressed by 60% of French adults.

Coinbase's Commitment to European Markets

Coinbase has demonstrated its commitment to the European markets by selecting Ireland as its MiCA entity location. MiCA, which stands for Markets in Crypto Assets, provides regulatory clarity to the industry and showcases the region's recognition of the potential that emerging technologies, such as cryptocurrencies, can offer. The recent adoption of MiCA by European Union policymakers is seen as a pivotal moment for cryptocurrencies in the region.


Coinbase's approval to operate as a registered virtual asset service provider in France is a significant step in its European expansion strategy. The company's focus on complying with high-bar regulations and partnering with regulators across jurisdictions reflects its dedication to updating the financial system. With the increasing demand for cryptocurrencies in France, Coinbase's presence in the country will contribute to the growth of the digital asset market. By expanding its footprint in Europe, Coinbase solidifies its position as a leading global crypto exchange.

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Title: Coinbase Expands European Footprint With Approval to Operate in France
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