Chinese Currency Breaches 7:1 Exchange Rate Against US Dollar for First Time in Two Years

After touching a new low of 7.0188 Yuan per dollar in September 2022, the offshore exchange rate between China's fiat currency and the U.S. dollars recently crossed the 7:1 mark. The strengthening of the U.S. Dollar is driving the yuan's fall, just like other global currencies which have declined in 2022.

The Yuan's Decreciation

After trading at 7.0188 on September 15, 2022, the offshore exchange rate between the Chinese currency and the U.S. dollars broke the seven RMB mark per dollar mark. This marks the first time that the exchange rate between the currencies has exceeded this threshold in more than two years. The yuan's onshore exchange rate was not affected by the 7:1 threshold.

According to the Economic Times, the dollar strengthening is behind the yuan's decline in value against the greenback. The decline of the currency was also caused by growing concerns that China's economy might be slowing.

The report reveals that the Chinese central bank attempted to help the economy by cutting the interest rate in August, but this only led to a 3% decline in the yuan.

Ken Cheung, chief Asian FX strategist for Mizuho Bank, commented on the current dilemma facing the People's Bank of China.

The PBOC has shown its support for the RMB exchange rate not breaking [the] 7 handle soon and a rate reduction will be in contradiction to such objective.

Another report quotes Cheung as saying that he believes the PBOC has lost interest in stopping the currency breaking 7 yuan per dollar but will instead try to "delay" and "smooth out the yuan's depreciation rate."

The Surging Dollar

According to the Economic Daily report, the weaker dollar isn't the only currency that is hurting the yuan. The report also states that authorities in Japan are concerned about the strengthening dollar. Since January 2, 2022, the exchange rate between currencies has moved from 115 to 1 to over 143 to 1.

The euro, the single currency of the European Union, traded at EUR0.88 per dollar in the beginning of the year. However, by August 21, 2022 it had reached parity with its greenback counterpart. Other currencies, with the exception of the Russian ruble and the Zambian kwacha, have struggled to compete against the dollar.

Economists think that the reason why the dollar has gained in value against other currencies could be due to the U.S. Federal Reserve's efforts to lower the U.S. inflation rate through regular marginal increases of interest rates.

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