Bitcoin Mining Expansion Heats Up: Crypto Miner Secures Underground Bunker, Cleanspark Snags Turnkey Mining Site

As a few miners announced expansion plans in the last week, bitcoin mining operations are continuing to thrive despite the crypto winter. Cleanspark announced it had purchased a Mawson Infrastructure-integrated bitcoin mining facility following the acquisition of 10,000 ASIC Antminers. According to reports, Arsenal Digital Holdings has acquired an underground data center in Houston. Some suspect that it is Westland Oil’s notorious fallout bunker. Terawulf's founder and CEO revealed that the Lake Mariner datacenter is operational with 1 exahash per sec (EH/s), of SHA256 hashrate.

Arsenal Digital Holdings reportedly acquires the infamous Westland Oil Bunker outside of Houston

Arsenal Digital Holdings (OTCMKTS ADHI) purchased a 50-acre data center campus. The building included a four-story office and a two-story subterranean campus. It is estimated that the facility has an additional 100,000 square feet. According to Dan Swinhoe's report, the site is ready to host 15 megawatts (MW).

Swinhoe also reveals that the bunker was likely to be an ex-Westland Oil bunker. The bunker was built in 1982 and was "shrouded with secrecy, protected by armed guards." Westland Oil founder Louis Kung created the bunker to protect 350 adults for three months. In 2004, the bunker became a data center and was renovated in 2008.

Swinhoe claims the site was sold in 2021 by the owner for $39 million. Further, the reporter quotes Arsenal CEO Ryan Messer, who stated that data centers are one of the most sought-after assets in the digital infrastructure sector. We are proud to make this acquisition a core asset for the company since it will be a true flagship site.

Cleanspark Purchases Mawson's Turnkey Bitcoin Mining Facility

Cleanspark (Nasdaq : CLSK), a mining company, announced on September 9 that it had reached an agreement with Mawson Infrastructure Group for the acquisition of a "turnkey" bitcoin mining facility. "The existing site in Sandersville is already operational and has 80 MW total capacity supporting 2.4 EH/s bitcoin mining," according to the press release. This news comes after Cleanspark recently acquired 10,000 Bitmain-brand Antminers.

Cleanspark's chief executive officer Zachary Bradford said that "We are delighted to welcome Mawson’s Sandersville site as well its operating teams into our Cleanspark family." The CEO said that the site was "impressive" and is managed by more than 20 dedicated professionals who took great pride in its design, development, maintenance, and design.

Terawulf's Lake Mariner Bitcoin mining site is up and running with 1 EH/s

Paul Prager, CEO of bitcoin mining company Terawulf (Nasdaq : WULF), tweeted on September 9 that the company’s Lake Mariner operation was up and running with 1EH/s and 30 MW of capacity. Prager stated that the site currently has 10,000 miners and that the company will "keep going on at Lake Mariner, Susquehanna" and that it had reached "3 major milestones."

Prager said, "Big thanks to those investors who have remained constructive and supportive in challenging markets." "Our WULF infrastructure and electricity pricing are incomparable. It will be brought home by us."

What are your thoughts on the recent expansion announcements by Arsenal, Cleanspark and Terawulf. Please comment below to let us know your thoughts on this topic.

By: Jamie Redman
Title: Bitcoin Mining Expansion Heats Up: Crypto Miner Secures Underground Bunker, Cleanspark Snags Turnkey Mining Site
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Published Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2022 13:30:32 +0000

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