Bitcoin ETF Approval Expected to Drive Price to $50,000 in January: Matrixport

The anticipated approval of spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) applications by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is predicted to cause the price of the top cryptocurrency to surge to $50,000 in January, according to the latest market preview by Matrixport. The crypto financial services platform also suggests that the price of BTC could reach $125,000 due to the combined effect of ETF approval and bitcoin halving.

BTC Poised for Breakout in Early 2024

Following its typical consolidation phase in mid-to-end December, the USD price of bitcoin is expected to "break out on a robust beginning-of-the-year buying flow." Matrixport's market preview forecasts a price jump to $50,000 in January for the top cryptocurrency.

Matrixport, along with other industry players, views the approval of spot bitcoin ETFs by the SEC as a significant event that will drive bitcoin's rally. The platform argues that unlike the bearish sentiment seen a year ago, institutional investors are unlikely to stay on the sidelines this time.

"Institutional investors cannot afford to miss out on any potential rally again and, therefore, have to buy immediately when the markets open for trading in 2024. We expect an immediate rally that once again catches investors off-guard," the Matrixport market preview stated.

Despite bitcoin's 160% growth in 2023, experts still anticipate a surge in price once the SEC approves spot bitcoin ETF applications from industry giants like Blackrock and Fidelity. Initial reports suggesting that the ETFs would be approved on January 2 or 3 have already contributed to a mini rally, with bitcoin surpassing the $45,000 mark for the first time in two years.

Impact of Bitcoin Halving

While some experts argue that the current price of bitcoin already incorporates the impact of SEC approvals, Matrixport's market preview suggests that an estimated $24-50 billion of inflows will trigger a new rally. The platform believes that the approval of ETFs, combined with the upcoming bitcoin halving, could push the price of BTC to $125,000.

Addressing the limited minting activities of Tether during a time when a bull run is expected, the market review states:

"Although we are not seeing an increase in minting activities at Tether, which would signal fiat into crypto inflows, the fact that prices are rallying might be a sign that there are no sellers in the market and prices are squeezing higher."

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Title: Bitcoin ETF Approval Expected to Drive Price to $50,000 in January: Matrixport
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Published Date: Tue, 02 Jan 2024 23:00:56 +0000

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