Top Performers and Losers in the Crypto Market This Week

Bitcoin and ethereum saw slight declines of 1.8% to 3.6% against the U.S. dollar in the past week. However, several crypto assets experienced impressive double-digit growth during this period. Internet computer (ICP), Helium (HNT), bonk (BONK), and woo network (WOO) were the top performers, leading the surge in the market.

Crypto Market Valuation and Trading Volumes

On Monday, Dec. 18, 2023, the total value of the crypto market was $1.61 trillion, showing a slight decrease of 1.9% from the previous day. As the holiday season approaches, global trading volumes have dipped. However, in the past 24 hours, there was a notable increase in trading activity, with $76.24 billion traded, marking a significant 30% increase from the day before.

Top Performers of the Week

Internet computer (ICP) emerged as the top performer, with a remarkable increase of 85.5%. Helium (HNT) also experienced a significant rise of 68.9%, followed by bonk (BONK) with a surge of 68%. Woo network (WOO) appreciated by 57.1% against the U.S. dollar. In total, 16 cryptocurrencies out of the more than 11,000 listed experienced double-digit growth during this week.

Other notable performers included OSMO, INJ, ASTR, FET, TKX, STX, TIA, BGB, and GT. In terms of trading volume, XRP, SOL, and AVAX were prominent alongside BTC and ETH. XRP experienced a decline of 4.4% over the week, while SOL increased by 3.1% and AVAX surged by over 10%. Other high-volume traders such as DOGE, BNB, LINK, and ADA also remained in the spotlight.

Losers of the Week

Synthetix network (SNX) was the biggest loser of the week, declining by 21.1%. BTT fell by 16.7%, LUNC by 15.9%, and KAS by 13.9% over the same period. In total, eight cryptocurrencies registered double-digit losses. MINA, XEC, EGLD, and LDO were also among the notable decliners.

Market Uncertainty and Year-End Reflections

As the year comes to a close, market uncertainty remains a prevalent theme, especially in the altcoin sector. Historically, the holiday season often witnesses a stagnation in crypto trade volumes as investors exercise caution amidst festive distractions and year-end reflections. This period typically sees flat trading activity, highlighting the cautious sentiment prevalent in the market during these final weeks of the year.

What are your thoughts on the biggest gainers and losers in the crypto market this week? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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Title: Top Performers and Losers in the Crypto Market This Week
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