The Importance of Geographic Location in Bitcoin Mining


With the upcoming halvening event in Bitcoin mining, operators are facing a critical challenge. The key to weathering this battle lies in optimizing operations and reducing energy costs. In this article, we will explore the significance of geographic location in determining the profitability of mining operations.

The Role of Energy Cost

While factors like mining revenue, bitcoin price, and network hashrate are important, energy cost plays a crucial role in determining profitability. In the long run, energy cost is the kingmaker. Even older models like the Antminer S9 can remain profitable with affordable energy.

Different Scales of Mining Operators

Mining operators can be categorized based on their power usage:

  • Residential: Less than 30 kW, typically home miners with 1 to 10 mining machines
  • Commercial: 30 kW – 1 MW, small to medium-sized businesses with 10 to 300 mining machines
  • Industrial: More than 1 MW, operations with over 300 mining machines

All three categories share the need for cost-efficient power to maximize profitability.

Jurisdictional Arbitrage and Negotiating Power

While some miners are limited by geographical constraints, others actively explore regions with affordable energy rates through jurisdictional arbitrage. Industrial-scale operators have the advantage of negotiating lower rates through power purchase agreements.

Running the Numbers

Using simulated data points, let's examine the profitability of mining operations across the U.S. under the following conditions:

  • BTC price at $30,000
  • Network hashrate at 400EH/s
  • Bitmain Antminer S19j Pro 100TH/s at 3kW per unit
  • Residential scale: 10 Bitcoin Miners
  • Commercial scale: 100 Bitcoin Miners
  • Industrial scale: 1000 Bitcoin Miners
  • Energy rates at 2023 YTD (EIA)

The results show that mining is unprofitable in most states, especially at residential scale. Commercial rates offer more promise, extending profitability to a greater number of states. Industrial-scale miners have the highest chance of profitability, but challenges still remain in certain states.

The Battle Ahead

Surviving the battle in Bitcoin mining requires operators to find efficiencies and reduce costs. Geographic location emerges as the most critical success factor. For many parts of the country, operating a mining operation may not be feasible. However, opportunities still exist for ambitious miners willing to explore different regions and adapt to changing conditions.

Ultimately, the high ground in this battle will be claimed by those who carefully consider their geographic positioning and make informed decisions based on hash recon. The future of mining lies in the hands of those who can adapt and find success in the ever-evolving landscape of the Bitcoin industry.

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By: Joe Rodgers
Title: The Importance of Geographic Location in Bitcoin Mining
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Published Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2023 21:00:50 GMT

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