The Donald Trump Gold Coin: Worth the Investment?

Donald Trump: He is undoubtedly the most controversial president in American history. You've likely seen advertisements for the Donald Trump gold coin, which commemorates America's 45th president, regardless of whether you love him or not.

What are these coins actually worth? Is Trump gold pure gold? What is their value? All of these questions will be answered and more. We will also help you find the best place to buy one of these collectible coins, and if they are legal for use in a gold IRA.

Are Trump Gold Coins real?

You can buy Trump gold coins online from many private mints. They are not legal presidential coins issued by the U.S. Mint as George H. W. Bush was the last to be featured in this series.

Patriot Golden Coin is one of these manufacturers of Trump gold-plated coins. This website displays the Donald J. Trump Foundation emblem, and declares that “We offer you the chance to help Donald Trump win next election!”

The Trump gold coin, at its core, is a tribute to Donald Trump's legacy. These coins can be purchased from both private mints or manufacturers, so investors have many options.

You can purchase many cheap options from China by paying only shipping and handling. These coins are iron that has been gold plated. The coins from Patriot Golden Coin, on the other hand, are gold-plated or gold vermeil.

What does the Trump Gold Coin look like?

The Trump gold coin from Patriot Golden Coin has a profile photo of Trump looking off into the distance. The above text reads “The Revenge Tour” and the bottom text says “In God We trust, 2024.” The reverse of the coin shows an eagle spread its wings and text reading “Commander In Chief Donald J. Trump.”

Are Trump Gold Coins Made From Pure Gold?

It can be difficult to determine if the Trump gold coin you are buying is genuine, as there are so many sellers. In this instance, however, it is important to remember that you get what your money costs. Trump coins that don't cost much money are likely not pure gold.

There are also pure gold coins. Money Metals Exchange sells a 1/4 ounce privately minted “Donald Trump Gold Round”, which is.9999 pure.

The image on the golden round shows Donald Trump's profile with his name and the text “45th President”. The reverse of the Money Metals Exchange coin features an image of Donald Trump and the inscription “The White House” at the top. The bottom is.9999 Au.

Dealers offer one-ounce,.9999 Gold Trump Coin. There are only 299 of these limited edition coins. This coin is legal tender, which is quite interesting! One coin in the Republic of Somalia is equal to 10,000 shillings.

The front shows Donald Trump's profile with the words “President” and “Trump 2020.” Flip it over and you will see the Somali coat and coin's face values. The website currently has no price, as it is subject to market conditions.

What is a Trump Gold Coin Worth in Value?

There are a few factors that affect the price of a Trump coin:

  • Manufacturer
  • Composition
  • Images
  • Mintage
  • Purity

It's a good idea to do some research before you begin collecting gold coins. The reputation of the manufacturer, the composition, purity and mintage of the coins all have an impact on the final price.

Patriot's USA-made Donald Trump Gold Coin is gold-plated with a cheap base metal and real gold foil over the top. Each order qualifies to receive free shipping. However, prices vary and the more you purchase, the lower the price.

  • One coin: $29.99
  • Five coins: $24.99/each, $124.95 total
  • 10 coins: $22.99/each, $229.90 total
  • 25 coins: $19.99/each, $499.75 total
  • 50 coins: $14.99/each, $749.50 total
  • 100 coins: $9.99/each, $999 total

You can purchase the 20mm.9999 au Trump coins from Money Metals if you don't want it to be gold-plated. Here are some pricing guidelines:

  • 1-19 coins: $179.50/each
  • 20-79: $157.06/each
  • 80-159: $134.62/each

Free shipping is available for orders over $500, but the problem is that Trump coins have been out of stock since August 2022. There's an option on the website that will notify you when they are available again.

Money Metals Exchange offers copper President Trump rounds of.9999 pure copper as low as $1.70 in addition to the gold Trump coins. You can also opt for a silver President Trump round of.9999 purity for as low as $26.52.

Are Trump Gold Coins allowed in a Gold IRA

These Trump coins are considered collectibles by the Internal Revenue Service (or IRS), so they can't be used in a gold IRA. There are many options available for investing in an IRA. Learn About Gold has more information about investing. You'll also find top comparisons of the best gold IRA companies and reviews.

Alternately you can visit our blog to see more articles on investing in precious metals, and how they can diversify your wealth portfolio.

Trump Gold Coins: A wise investment?

It is your decision whether to invest in a Donald Trump Gold Coin or not. Look at your wealth portfolio and decide if it makes sense to diversify into precious materials. A Trump gold coin made from pure gold is a better investment than one made with gold plating, but they are still valuable for their commemorative value.

Many coins can have subjective values that are often higher than their “meltdown” value. This is the same idea as with baseball cards. The paper on which they are printed is basically worthless. But, their collectible value or, rather, their sentiment makes them so valuable.

A gold-plated coin may be more valuable to a Trump supporter than the actual gold or other precious metals it contains. If you are a numismatist who is a fervent believer in the value of gold, then you may consider adding some Trump gold rounds or coins to your collection. They could see a significant increase in value over the next few years.

Final Thoughts about the Donald Trump Gold Coin

Before you invest in gold coins, even Trump coins, make sure to consider all relevant factors. This will ensure that you make the best financial decision possible for your security and future. Learn more about gold-related collecting and fill out the easy online form to learn more. Or visit our blog for additional investment articles.

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