Sygnum Survey Shows Growing Institutional Adoption of Crypto

Sygnum’s Institutional Investor Survey

Digital asset bank Sygnum recently conducted an institutional investor survey that reveals a significant shift in sentiment towards cryptocurrency. Over 80% of the respondents now agree that crypto plays an important role in the global financial industry, indicating a move from skepticism to advocacy. The survey, titled "Future Finance 23," was part of Sygnum's inaugural institutional crypto market report and included more than 150 respondents with an average of over 10 years of investment experience. The participants consisted of Sygnum's institutional client base, equity investors, banks, hedge funds, multi and single-family offices, foundations, and asset managers.

Institutional Adoption and Investment Strategies

According to the survey findings, 87% of the respondents currently invest in blockchain protocol tokens such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana (Layer 1 protocols). Additionally, 57% of the participants plan to increase their crypto asset allocation in the future, indicating a growing interest in the market.

When asked about their reasons for investing in crypto, 66% of the respondents stated that they wanted to gain exposure to the crypto megatrend, while 46% cited portfolio diversification as their investment driver. This suggests that institutions are recognizing the potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies and are actively seeking to incorporate them into their investment strategies.

Furthermore, the survey reveals that among the respondents who plan to maintain or increase their crypto asset allocations, 62% expect higher future returns. This indicates a growing confidence in the long-term profitability of cryptocurrencies.

Superior Investment and Trust in Regulation

Interestingly, the survey found that 37% of investors consider crypto a superior investment compared to traditional assets. This perception highlights the attractiveness of cryptocurrencies as a hedge in traditional markets.

Moreover, the report emphasizes that direct token investments remain the top choice for all respondents. This reflects a clear preference for investment through direct ownership of tokens and generating yields through staking. However, the report also suggests that this preference might shift as financial products in the crypto space continue to evolve and diversify.

Sygnum's Digital Asset Research Manager, Lucas Schweiger, who authored the report, commented on the survey results. He noted that the crypto industry has witnessed a significant evolution, with many institutional investors transitioning from skeptics to evangelists. Schweiger stated, "Over 80% now agree that crypto has an important role to play in the global financial industry. It's now truly becoming a trusted gateway that is rapidly transforming the economic landscape."

Fabian Dori, Chief Asset Management Officer and Sygnum Group Deputy CEO, added that over 85% of institutional crypto investors in the study believe that being regulated is essential for building trust. This further validates Sygnum's founding strategy of being fully regulated from day one in all regions.


The Sygnum institutional investor survey demonstrates a growing acceptance and adoption of cryptocurrencies among institutional investors. It highlights the increasing interest in blockchain protocol tokens and the belief in their potential for higher future returns. Moreover, the survey reveals that institutions consider crypto as a superior investment and recognize the importance of regulation in building trust. As the global financial industry continues to evolve, crypto is emerging as a trusted gateway that is reshaping the economic landscape.

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