Starbucks Leverages Polygon for Web3 Push, Coffeehouse Chain to Issue NFT Stamps

Starbucks, a multinational chain of coffeehouses and restaurants, announced that it has partnered with Polygon to create blockchain technology. Starbucks Rewards members and employees in the United States will have the opportunity to earn non-fungible tokens (NFT) assets through the Web3 platform Starbucks Odyssey.

Coffeehouse Company Announces Web3 Platform Starbucks Odyssey

Starbucks is now immersed in blockchain, Web3 and NFT technology with the unveiling of a Web3 application powered By Polygon. The company's news page and corporate stories note that the new Starbucks Odyssey will allow members to buy and earn digital collectible stamps (NFTs). This will give them access to new and immersive coffee experiences. Starbucks is the first company to integrate NFTs into a leading loyalty program that has been implemented at scale. This will allow employees and partners to interact with each other in a new way.

Polygon also confirmed their partnership via Twitter and in a blog article called "Starbucks taps Polygon for Its' Starbucks Odyssey Web3 Experience."

This unique loyalty program is powered by low transaction fees and fast transaction speeds on the Polygon PoS Network.

Starbucks Odyssey Experience Launches 'Later This year'

Starbucks employees and customers can now join the waitlist to receive an invitation to the Starbucks Odyssey experience. According to Starbucks, the platform will launch live "later in the year". Ryan Butz, vice president of loyalty strategy and marketing, said that the platform is well-positioned to support the company's sustainability goals.

Butz stated that "Building Starbucks Odyssey with technology that aligns to our sustainability aspirations is a top priority" in a Monday statement. "Polygon's low-cost, fast and carbon-neutral network is the ideal foundation for our first digital community. We used a thoughtful and thorough approach to choosing the right blockchain," Butz stated.

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By: Jamie Redman
Title: Starbucks Leverages Polygon for Web3 Push, Coffeehouse Chain to Issue NFT Stamps
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Published Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2022 17:30:36 +0000

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