Square Enix Exploring Blockchain Game Development as Part of Oasys Project Partnership

Square Enix, Japan's largest gaming company, has signed a partnership agreement with Oasys. Oasys is a Web3-oriented, blockchain-oriented project. Square Enix will join the Oasys network's first 21 validators. This partnership will allow Square Enix to explore new opportunities for developing blockchain games, using decentralized tech.

Square Enix will validate Oasys Blockchain

Square Enix is one of few AAA gaming companies that has sought to incorporate blockchain elements into its business model. Recently, the company announced it would go all the way and become part of Oasys' initial validation set. Oasys is a gaming-oriented blockchain that promises a "high-speed, low-cost experience" for its users.

Oasys will be used by the Japanese gaming giant to develop new blockchain games as well as include user-generated content into virtual worlds. Yosuke Saito (Director of Square Enix Blockchain Entertainment Division) stated that this partnership is a new one.

We share a passion for web3 gaming and this is an exciting partnership. We look forward to sharing insights that will help us create new gameplay experiences for gamers around the world.

Oasys is not the only one involved in this effort. Other gaming companies have also formed partnerships with Oasys to become network validators. These 21 first block validaters include both traditional and blockchain gaming companies like Sega, Ubisoft and Netmarble.

Blockchain Background

Square Enix's focus on blockchain is not new. The company actually has blockchain tech in its business model since last years, stating that it will "focus on blockchain gaming premised upon token economies as a form decentralized content."

As the Oasys Partnership press release describes, the president of Square Enix has placed a lot of emphasis on the use of tech to reward users who contribute to creating virtual worlds with their own elements. Square Enix President Yosuke Maatsuda said in a January letter:

A wide range of motivations can be used to encourage people to play games and to connect with each other. This will be possible thanks to blockchain-based tokens.

The company announced plans in July to issue Final Fantasy-themed tokens (NFTs), using Enjin blockchain, in 2023 as part of the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the franchise's creation.

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By: Sergio Goschenko
Title: Square Enix Exploring Blockchain Game Development as Part of Oasys Project Partnership
Sourced From: news.bitcoin.com/square-enix-exploring-blockchain-game-development-as-part-of-oasys-project-partnership/
Published Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2022 07:30:25 +0000

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