Spot Bitcoin ETFs Expected to Attract ‘Substantial’ Institutional Flows, Says Ark Invest CEO

Cathie Wood, the CEO of Ark Investment Management, predicts that spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) will drive the price of bitcoin significantly higher. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is set to make a decision on spot bitcoin ETFs by Wednesday. Wood stated, "We believe that the SEC approval, if obtained by us and others, will give institutions the green light. We have been in talks with several institutions, and they are now more interested since the SEC is effectively paving the way."

Cathie Wood's Opinion on Potential Spot Bitcoin ETF Approvals

In an interview with CNBC on Monday, Cathie Wood discussed her perspective on the potential approval of spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The joint proposal between Ark Investment Management and 21shares is awaiting a decision on Wednesday, which marks the first deadline for spot bitcoin ETF applications this year.

Wood was asked whether institutional investors are more inclined to invest in bitcoin with the potential approval of spot bitcoin ETFs. She responded:

We believe that the SEC approval, if obtained by us and others, will give institutions the green light. We have been in talks with several of them, and they are now more interested since the SEC is effectively paving the way.

When questioned about the likelihood of the SEC approving her firm's spot bitcoin ETF proposal, Wood stated, "We believe the probability of the bitcoin ETF being approved this week is very high. The reason for this, as we have been saying, is that the SEC, after denying it multiple times, started asking questions — very good, detailed, and technical questions. Therefore, we believe they have asked all the necessary questions, and most of us have likely been part of that process."

Wood also expressed her belief that the approval of spot bitcoin ETFs may not lead to the predicted "sell-the-news" reaction. She mentioned, "I think many people are expecting to sell on the news, which might not happen." She emphasized that institutions have already positioned themselves based on this expectation. Wood added, "It's a very short-term outlook, and who knows what will actually happen."

What we do know is that, with our five-year investment time horizon, we anticipate significant flows into this new asset class, particularly from institutions. Even a small allocation by institutions to bitcoin will drive up the price of this increasingly scarce asset.

Wood further elaborated on why she believes the price of bitcoin will continue to rise. She firstly highlighted that bitcoin can be seen as digital gold, noting that gold is a $12 trillion asset, while bitcoin is currently valued at around $800 billion. She explained, "We believe there is some substitution taking place."

She added, "If institutional allocations are as low as 2.5% to 5%, which is where we expect them to be, we will see gradual increases — 0.5% and then 1%. This gradual increase could be the main driver for the rise of bitcoin." Wood concluded:

Currently, there are about 19.5 million bitcoins in circulation, with approximately 15 million held by long-term holders who have not made any transactions in over 155 days. Additionally, the total supply of bitcoin will never exceed 21 million units. Consequently, bitcoin is indeed becoming a scarce asset.

Share your opinion on Cathie Wood's assessment of the impact of spot bitcoin ETFs in the comments section below.

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