Singapore’s Largest Bank Expands Bitcoin, Crypto Trading To 100,000 More Clients

The country's biggest bank increased its members-only digital exchange by 100,000 clients following the release of Singapore’s digital asset framework.

  • DBS Group Holdings increases bitcoin and crypto trading to 100,000 clients who are its most wealthy.
  • Banks require capital requirements and a minimum of $500 investment.
  • This expansion comes after the release by the central bank Singapore of a digital asset framework earlier in this month.

According to Bloomberg, DBS Group Holdings Ltd. (Singapore's largest bank) has expanded its cryptocurrency and trading services on its members only exchange to another 100,000 clients.

Accredited investors are clients who have investable assets at least $246,000 and can trade, buy and sell bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. The bank also requires that you invest at least $500.

This service was previously limited to institutional and corporate investors, family offices and clients of DBS Private Bank and DBS Treasures Private Client.

According to reports, the bank saw its digital assets double in transactions volume between April-June. Notable is the fact that bitcoin transactions almost quadrupled.

While the bank is growing its volume in the greater ecosystem, and expanding its services to a wider range of investors, Singapore is still deliberating on the direction it should take with regard to retail investors.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore, Singapore's central bank, issued a statement earlier this month stating that retail investors shouldn't invest in the asset type.

The MAS stated that cryptocurrencies' prices fluctuate wildly, and investors could lose all their investments in cryptocurrencies.

Despite the warning, the MAS still released its digital asset framework, which it said would be available well into 2025. The regulator also stated that Project Orchid will enable digital currency connectivity.

The framework also includes plans by the MAS to investigate distributed ledger technology and asset tokenization. It also intends to make cross-border payments. While the future of bitcoin and retail investors is still unclear in Singapore, it is clear that the MAS is not ignoring the issue.

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By: Shawn Amick
Title: Singapore’s Largest Bank Expands Bitcoin, Crypto Trading To 100,000 More Clients
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Published Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2022 13:08:41 GMT

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