Saudi Aramco Explores Potential Collaboration for Investing in Digital Assets

Saudi Aramco and SBI Holdings Partner to Explore Investment Opportunities

Saudi Aramco, the largest oil and gas company in terms of market capitalization, is considering investing in digital assets. The company, with a market cap of over $2 trillion, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with SBI Holdings, a financial services group based in Japan. The partnership aims to explore collaboration in various investment fields, including digital assets.

Collaboration in Digital Assets and Co-Investments

The MOU between Saudi Aramco and SBI Holdings outlines their intention to collaborate in the field of digital assets and co-investments. Both parties will leverage their investment portfolios to explore opportunities in this area. SBI Holdings has already made significant investments in companies that utilize digital assets in their business models. Recently, the company partnered with stablecoin company Circle and has an ongoing collaboration with Ripple, a crypto-based payments company.

Supporting Japanese Startups in the Middle East

As part of the collaboration, Saudi Aramco will identify and support Japanese startups in the digital assets sector that are interested in expanding their business to the Middle East. The company will assist these startups in entering and growing their presence in the region. Additionally, the alliance extends to the field of semiconductors, with plans for potential projects and the establishment of factories in Saudi Arabia and Japan through Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation, a Japanese organization.

SBI Holdings Expands into the Middle East

SBI Holdings plans to establish a subsidiary called "SBI Middle East" to expand its influence in the region and explore new business opportunities. This move will allow the company to strengthen its presence in the Middle East and tap into the potential of the market.

Past Investments in Blockchain-Linked Companies

This is not the first time Saudi Aramco has shown interest in blockchain technology. In 2020, the company made its first foray into the blockchain space by investing $5 million in VAKT, a global commodities blockchain digitization business. In February, Saudi Aramco also signed an MOU with Droppgroup, a Web3 tech development platform.

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