Russia One Step Closer To Using Bitcoin, Crypto In International Trade as Central Bank, Finance Ministry Agree On Draft Bill

Both regulators reached an agreement on a draft bill that stated that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are necessary to facilitate international trade in the current climate.

According to a report by Russian news outlet Tass, the Russian Ministry of Finance has reached an agreement with its central bank on a draft bill that allows bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments for international settlements.

Alexei Moiseev, Deputy Finance Minister, stated that the bill "as an entire writes out how cryptocurrency may be purchased, what it can do with it, as well as how cross-border settlements are possible or cannot be made."

This agreement is a follow-up to a report by Moiseev, in which he stated that Russia cannot conduct international trade without bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because of current sanctions.

According to the report, however, the Bank of Russia continues to oppose the legalization of cryptocurrency settlements within Russia and exchanges for them.

This sentiment by the central bank continues to show the divergence in opinion between regulators, government officials and Russian officials.

Bitcoin Magazine reported that the Russian government presented an initial bill to establish a framework for digital assets earlier in the year. This bill encouraged the banning of bitcoin mining. The Ministry of Finance, however, rebutted the initial bill and proposed a framework for digital assets. This was in support of a ban on bitcoin mining. The bill was supported by President Vladimir Putin, who cited Russia's natural resource competitive advantage.

The Federal Tax Service and the Minister of Energy have made comments on bitcoin's potential benefits for small businesses, or mentioned interdepartmental discussions on international trade.

Ivan Chebeskov (director of the Russian Ministry of Finance's financial stability market) previously stated that there are many other "like-minded" people who are interested in the subject.

Chebeskov stated, "Also I know that there is a State Duma deputies who are actively involved in this topic. Perhaps it will be their initiative."

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By: Shawn Amick
Title: Russia One Step Closer To Using Bitcoin, Crypto In International Trade as Central Bank, Finance Ministry Agree On Draft Bill
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Published Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2022 15:52:16 GMT

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