PORTX Token Goes Live on CEXs and DEXs

PRESS RELEASE. ChainPort's team is thrilled to share information about PORTX’s Token Generation Event (TGE). The team worked hard to create the best ecosystem token for the next generation cross-chain bridge.

ChainPort, a cross-chain bridge, has set a new standard since its debut last year. ChainPort features impressive security features, interoperability and quick bridging. ChainPort currently supports nine chains and has a port volume totaling $615,923,820. It also has a value of $71M.

The pace of progress is rapid. ChainPort, for example, has created a fee mechanism, bridge support, and the PORTX token, which is now an integral part the ecosystem.

Although PORTX's TGE was scheduled to occur earlier, a variety of factors caused delays in the launch. These included market conditions and rigorous testing of ChainPort security.

ChainPort will continue to accumulate all revenues up until the TGE with its fee model. After PORTX's TGE is complete, 95% of all revenue will be converted to PORTX tokens. The tokenomics will allow for redistribution according to PORTX. ChainPort is ready for PORTX launch after the market stabilizes and the fee mechanism has been tested. TGE for PORTX will take place today, September 20, 2022.

ChainPort's history is marked by the launch of the PORTX token. ChainPort is more than a bridge. The PORTX token launch makes ChainPort even more important. It will be a fully-fledged ecosystem, with PORTX at its core.

ChainPort will launch the PORTX token via a centralized exchange, and then on several DEXs using different chains. ChainPort has partnered up with market leaders and multiple DEXs.

Before you submit DEXs, make sure that you double-check your official contract address. After the launch, the official contract address will become public.

Remember that PORTX addresses for different chains will have their own contract addresses. Double-check the contract addresses to ensure that they are correct for the chain.

Trade PORTX on:





Fantom Contract: 0x504ec4f9af7bbf8cad73ccc2121a3a7fb4c81bcf

Ethereum Contract: 0x104F3152D8ebFC3f679392977356962Ff36566aC

Polygon Contract: 0x189586b5f6317538ae50c20a976597da38984a24

BNB Chain Contract: 0x54c3b88b7e9702f915ddc6e483aaf369b2615f8d

PORTX holders have the ability to easily port their tokens onto any of the four chains that currently use ChainPort's bridge. These chains are Ethereum, Polygon and BNB Chain/BSC. Porting is permissible and allows users to trade their tokens at Specific DEXs.

ChainPort might announce additional DEXs or exchanges at a later time.

About ChainPort

ChainPort, a next-generation cross-chain bridge, provides custodian level security and full interoperability. ChainPort is a revolutionary security architecture that allows tokens to be safely transferred across multiple blockchains in just one click.

Security is a top priority for ChainPort. 95% of funds are kept in cold storage wallets by industry experts, FireBlocks MPC and Gnosis safe multi-sig.

ChainPort is a permissionless blockchain bridge that already supports more than 190 tokens. Additional projects are being added daily. The UI is simple and easy to use, so you don't need any technical integration.

Chainport was launched in 2021 and has since managed more than 40,000 ports. It also manages $630,000,000 in volume. Visit ChainPort.io to learn more or read the documentation.

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Title: PORTX Token Goes Live on CEXs and DEXs
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Published Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2022 23:00:46 +0000

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