Jimmy Song, Lee Bratcher And Dennis Porter On Why Bitcoiners Must Be Politically Involved

Bitcoiners should make use of existing systems for enacting change in order to foster adoption.

This opinion editorial is by Mark Shut. Shut is a founder of a startup, an educator, and a content creator.

Conversations around economic policy, regulatory changes and outdated money standards are rooted in freedom through the new Bitcoin standard. Political involvement is necessary for freedom and essential for revolutions that demand fundamental changes in the monetary system.

Organizations that promote Bitcoin and positive policies that give citizens greater freedoms are at the forefront of this revolution. They seek to rectify the inefficiency and corruption of the obsolete monetary systems that currently dominate the United States.

Bitcoin was created to allow people to participate in a decentralized financial system. Responsible financial systems are the only way to create this new currency. This starts with responsible legislation.

Lee Bratcher, president and CEO of the Texas Blockchain Council, spoke with Bitcoin advocates Bruce Fenton, Dennis Porter, Jimmy Song, and Jimmy Song about their involvement in pro-Bitcoin legislation.

The Texas Blockchain Council is a regulatory body whose mission it is to foster innovation in Bitcoin.

Bratcher, author of "Bitcoin, the American Dream" stated that "Bitcoin miners (are trying) to influence policymakers to adopt Bitcoin mining to bring in the jobs and investment (and innovation).

Bruce Fenton is a Senate candidate in New Hampshire. He strongly supports Bitcoin and emphasizes the importance of seperating money from the state. Many people are suffering from high inflation rates due to the current fiat standard. "The root cause of many of the problems around the globe, very serious problems. Bad broken money is the root cause. You know what? I even go as far as to call it evil. Fenton said, "You know that I believe it's really bad."

Fenton believes that America can be transformed by new blood. This will bring power back to the people. Fenton asks the question "What makes good money?" Bitcoin refers to economic freedom, liberty, and growth. Everyday citizens have more control over their currency with this decentralized monetary system. Fenton claims that Bitcoin is a better alternative to corrupt fiat money.

Education is the first step towards a society in which Bitcoin is the dominant currency. The Satoshi Action Fund, a non-profit educational institution, is dedicated to educating legislators and policymakers about the importance of Bitcoin mining and how it can support other public policy goals. Dennis Porter, the Chief Executive Officer of the Satoshi Action Fund, believes that education policymakers about the benefits of Bitcoin mining will be crucial to creating an innovative and productive regulatory environment.

Porter warns about the possible consequences of not actively working to support the Bitcoin standard. He cites states like Texas and Wyoming that are gradually adopting the Bitcoin standard. "But we can also see what happens if we don't get involved enough." States like New York are moving in the opposite direction.

The fund's ultimate goal is to reach as many policymakers as possible to help them see the benefits of Bitcoin mining. This will bring in investment, jobs, and innovation, as well as other benefits. We can make real changes in the country with legislators like Bruce Fenton, and organizations such as the Texas Blockchain Council. Bitcoin challenges us to make an impact and bring back liberty and freedom to all people.

You can make an impact by standing up for what you believe in and remaining vocal. Jimmy Song is a Bitcoin developer, educator, and entrepreneur who believes lobbying is the best way to achieve this. Lobbying can help us achieve a more hands-off government that allows for natural innovation.

Song educates people and, through Bitcoin, secures their economic thoughts. He stresses the importance of being prepared to face the next economic crisis. Song says, "From my point of view, we must be prepared with concrete actions that we can take."

A new economic order is emerging with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. It calls for decentralization which direct takes power from the federal and state governments and gives it back to the people. Song states that it is important to "show that we are a force and that we have many votes so that we can affect things and show our political muscle."

Individuals must be politically active in order to create a government that doesn't restrict people's freedoms. People can use Bitcoin to fight an old corrupt system that relied on fiat. We need to elect policymakers who are committed to the people and create legislation that will allow us to effect real change.

Bitcoin is a way to create economic independence and jobs. A less hands-off government encourages natural growth, innovation, and financial security. These leaders are at the forefront of the battle to separate state and money. This will give people more economic freedom. Bitcoin holds great potential to revolutionize the monetary and economic system.

This guest post is by Mark Shut. These opinions are not necessarily those of BTC Inc.

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By: Mark Shut
Title: Jimmy Song, Lee Bratcher And Dennis Porter On Why Bitcoiners Must Be Politically Involved
Sourced From: bitcoinmagazine.com/culture/bitcoiners-must-be-politically-involved
Published Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2022 02:00:00 GMT

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