Is Bitcoin The Answer To A Failing Treasury Market?

The Treasury market is not in a good place. The question is: Who will buy our debt now that U.S. bonds have been withdrawn by China, Russia, and Japan?

This transcript is an excerpt from the "Bitcoin Magazine podcast" hosted by P. and Q. Greg Foss joins them to discuss how bitcoin ownership is the greatest asymmetrical trade in history, and why bitcoin could be worth $2 million today.

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Greg Foss: [Discussing current state of U.S. Treasury bond markets.] It is being discarded by Japan. Russia is also dumping it. China is selling U.S. Treasury bonds. Who can buy it? The Treasury could buy its own bonds, I suppose. What does this mean? Infinity is QE (quantitative easement). Hence, bitcoin. So you see? It's really easy, guys. Do not overthink it. Instead, just accept the probabilities and play the odds.

Based on this thesis, I could explain why bitcoin should one day trade for more than $2 million dollars per bitcoin. It's probability analysis. It's like sitting in a risk-chair. It involves trying out different scenarios, and then investing your money in the scenario with the highest expected value. It's not that it is likely to happen, but it is to be sure that it is more likely than not. This is why I believe bitcoin is the best asymmetric trading opportunity I've ever seen in my career of hedging. I am not certain. It is an amazing asymmetric opportunity at $20,000 per Bitcoin, but I am not 100% certain.

By: Bitcoin Magazine
Title: Is Bitcoin The Answer To A Failing Treasury Market?
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Published Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2022 09:00:00 GMT

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