How Improving The UI And UX Of Bitcoin Nodes Could Benefit Everyone

It is high time that the Bitcoin user interfaces and experience discussion be moved to nodes.

This opinion editorial is by Ram, a twenty-year-old student, soldier, and storyteller.

This is how it looks:

Your little girl is playing with her laptop and yelling "Wow!" and even "Oh!" Is this a cartoon? Is it anime or a cartoon? Is it anime?

Around 15,000 active Bitcoin nodes are running around the globe, according to a report by a twenty-year-old from Singapore. These nodes are responsible for storing the entire Bitcoin database.

It's almost impossible for one person to change the record because 15,000 computers are storing the same database around the globe. They also transmit new transactions to each other every day.

Elon Musk made this statement when he spoke about Bitcoin's future, a decentralized currency.

"The truth is, the average person will not run a Bitcoin node." Elon Musk, B World Conference 2020

Elon is right. But let me clarify.

Elon was referring specifically to a validating nude. It is very easy to set up.

  • Both mining nodes and validation nosdes have different functions. (TLDR) Mining nodes use electricity to create "blocks of data", validating nodes verify that the information in those blocks are correct. Mining nodes are now called miners. Validating nodes are just called nodes. Both contribute to decentralization.
  • A validation node is not going to cause your house to burn down because of high electricity consumption.
  • It is very simple and does not require any technical knowledge.
  • It actually costs only 10 cents per daily for electricity.
  • You need less than 7GB storage space right now to set up a pruned node. This is where you only hold a small amount of the Bitcoin transaction data but still contribute to decentralization.

The average person doesn't know the above.

Bitcoin is still the most decentralized cryptocurrency in the world. It is amazing that 15,000 nodes are used in the context of cryptocurrency. This was proven during the blockize wars.

Let's change the context. Today, the internet is available to over 5,000,000,000 people. It's amazing how small 15,000 nodes seem. More than 15,000 people probably have 7GB spare on their computers. Many people may have an older laptop in their garage.

Decentralization is a key ingredient for Bitcoin's wider adoption. Encourage regular people to run Bitcoin validating nosdes.

This is a topic we aren't speaking enough today.

This is possible with UX and Node UI improvements

UI and UX are often overlooked in payment apps and exchanges. The UI/UX conversation is virtually non-existent when it comes to nodes.

Keep in mind that the largest company today is the one that has been relentlessly focusing its efforts on UX and UI. The market capital of this company is six times greater than Bitcoin's.

Sourced from CNET. Image taken from Apple 1998.

Although Bitcoin is not a company, the same principle applies. This boils down into making things easier to understand.

Make it easier when setting up a validating network node. It gets simpler. It gets even simpler. Installing Bitcoin Core should be as easy as installing a Chrome extension. Or an app from Google Play. Then suddenly people will realize that this node thingy really is super easy!

I will clarify. Setting up a validating network node is easy. However, simplicity and perceived simplicity are two different things. Perceived simplicity today requires effortlessness.

Let's now talk about the emotions that should be experienced when running a validating network.

Take block explorer websites.

Image from

Technically, all of this information can be found on any validating node. This information is more difficult to understand and requires technical knowledge. This knowledge is not available to the average Joe.

Hence, you should improve the UI/UX. The block explorer websites' interface can be superimposed on top of node program. You can take it one step further. Allow users to see the number of nodes they are transmitting data from, how many blocks have they helped validate, and any temporary chain splits. Simpler. Interactive. It's also easy. There will be many ideas for creating a fun UI or UX based upon the blockchain.

UX and UI are not only important for decentralization. They can alter the way people access Bitcoin.

Here's an illustration of how I envision the typical path for someone who enters Bitcoin.

Hears of cryptocurrencies as a means to make fiat. Gets into altcoins. Begins to be interested in Bitcoin.

This is only one example of many. Here's the thing: Most of the time, setting up nodes happens late.

This is what an intuitive and more intuitive node UI or UX could do to change this pathway:

Hears of cryptocurrencies as a means to make fiat. Decides to install a Bitcoin validating Node to experience the value proposition. Interacts with the blockchain to learn more – possibly even has fun. Interested in Bitcoin. Spreads word. Loops.

A validating node means that Bitcoin is open to all new users. This implies that there are zero risks. It will be promoted as such by UX and UI improvements. They will promote learning by interacting with Bitcoin. The blockchain will provide education. Videos and articles can only do so much.

Here are some additional UI and UX benefits.

  • It is attractive to non-technical people. Bitcoin is the most decentralized cryptocurrency. However, the people running validating nodes are a small group largely drawn from finance and tech communities. Let's also bring people from other communities. One immediate thought is that NFT designers could transition to Bitcoin's UI/UX.
  • These websites reduce the inherent risk of centralized block-explorer websites.
  • This would make Bitcoin, the payment system, more widely known. Bitcoin, the currency, can be argued over, but Bitcoin, the payments system, is extremely difficult to refute even with mainstream economics.

It is worth noting at this point that increasing decentralization may also bring about some disadvantages. Typical democracy problems. There are pros and cons to decentralization among technocrats. This is a different discussion.

Let's be clear: We need to talk more about this! Many people still have a deep misunderstanding of Bitcoin. It is clear that Bitcoin is bad for the environment argument is gaining so much support. Even though we are all at different levels of the rabbit hole, Bitcoiners can still benefit from simpler interactions with the blockchain.

Talk about it in Telegrams, Discords, and, of course, on Twitter. Is it possible? Is it feasible? Does it make sense? Are you actively working on it?

Let's go back to the beginning of the story.

Your little girl is playing with her computer and yells "Wow!" as well as "Oh!" As you walk by, you see a block being added to the chain of blocks that preceded it. One chain becomes two until the chain at the top grows longer and the one below disappears into flames. Your girl claps.

This, my friends, is a vision that's worth pursuing.

Ram contributed this guest post. These opinions are Ram's and don't necessarily reflect the views of BTC Inc.

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By: Ram
Title: How Improving The UI And UX Of Bitcoin Nodes Could Benefit Everyone
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Published Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2022 22:45:00 GMT

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