Harris Poll Report Finds That 71% of Crypto Investors Are Confident They Will Become Billionaires

Harris Poll's new survey has shown that cryptocurrency investors in America believe they have all the tools necessary to be billionaires. Harris Poll also asked Americans how they see billionaires. Other groups were left behind.

Harris Poll Survey: Crypto Still Considered a Billionaire-Maker Investor Investment

Although some investors have lost confidence due to the recent global downturn and subsequent price declines in crypto and traditional stock markets, many cryptocurrency investors remain optimistic. Harris Poll conducted a survey in July that revealed that cryptocurrency investors remain optimistic about the future.

Harris Poll interviewed close to 2000 Americans about their opinions on billionaires and the society's perceptions of them. 71% of cryptocurrency investors polled believed that they could become billionaires in the future. This is a significant percentage compared to 44% for all other groups.

The poll also revealed that 60% of those surveyed said they would like to be billionaires, and that they admire the women and men who are part of this elite group.

Gen Z and Millennials are Confident Too

Survey results show that Gen Zers, millennials and others are confident about their chances of becoming billionaires. These people are often associated with financial technologies like fintech and crypto.

A survey by Devere group in 2020 found that two-thirds of millennials preferred bitcoin over gold as a safe haven investment. Nigel Green, founder and CEO of Devere, stated that at the time:

The findings that millennials prefer bitcoin to gold are consistent with that of the cryptocurrency's growing popularity as a safe-haven asset.

Green also noted that the rising interest in crypto by younger generations is linked to the inflation and devaluation global economies are experiencing due to the high level of unbacked fiat currency. According to Green, bitcoin's unique characteristics make it superior to gold and traditional fiat currencies. They are non-sovereign and decentralized and scarce. It also has a store value.

What are your thoughts on the confidence crypto investors have in becoming billionaires. Comment below.

By: Sergio Goschenko
Title: Harris Poll Report Finds That 71% of Crypto Investors Are Confident They Will Become Billionaires
Sourced From: news.bitcoin.com/harris-poll-report-finds-that-71-of-crypto-investors-are-confident-they-will-become-billionaires/
Published Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2022 08:30:43 +0000

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