Flynt Launches Industry’s Highest Yield Product on Bitcoin

PRESS RELEASE. Flynt Finance, a cryptocurrency financial services company that is based in Singapore and founded by former derivatives exchange operators, analysts, and other business people, launched last week a platform for structured crypto products. Flynt's high returns of up to 50% APY have attracted strong interest from crypto yield fans, particularly during the bear market when volatility is more difficult to find.

Because of their volatile price movements, cryptocurrency markets can be viewed as a place to go for high-risk high returns. It can be difficult to manage risk when dealing with such assets, especially if you don't have financial experience.

Options are a popular method of hedge by entering into positions that are opposite to your current asset position. If you anticipate a drop in price, for example, you could hold spot bitcoin and buy a put option. Crypto options, although still in its infancy compared to perpetual futurs, are a great way for volatile positions to be hedged both during chops and strong trends.

Many structured products offer yield through a combination of options, futures, and lending. The covered call strategy, also known as a cash covered puts strategy, is one of the most popular and simple structured products. Warren Buffet, the legendary investor, used this strategy to get premiums on Coca-Cola stocks.

Covered call strategies for various cryptocurrencies have been offered in a rush since 2021 to satisfy the needs of yield-hungry crypto investors. These strategies have grown rapidly since their inception, and they have held up well even during recent downturns.

Flynt's team launched their own structured product strategy after extensive research and backtesting different strategies. The strategy allows call options to be sold on a weekly basis. Any premium that is earned is reinvested into the next week. The team developed a proprietary strike price selection algorithm based on Deribit's 3-year trading data. This allows for maximum returns and minimal loss. Flynt's leverage is a key feature of their product. Flynt leverages up to five times on its strategies to increase returns and decrease loss potential by choosing an additional OTM strike price. Their backtests showed that this led to an average APR (including losses) of 47%, compared to an industry average of 15% (not including losses).

Flynt Finance CEO David Seo mentions that while a non-leveraged covered calling strategy is fine for most people, Flynt Finance can be used by those who want to take on more risk and earn higher returns. Flynt will provide crypto investment strategies that suit a range of risk profiles ."

Flynt Finance and Team

Flynt Finance provides structured products for cryptocurrencies and is your one-stop platform for asset management. Since 2015, the team includes blockchain OGs who have combined their experience in delivering a variety of services, including cryptocurrency exchanges, protocols and dApps. Flynt's CEO David Seo, who was previously the COO at a major South Korean exchange, was also the CTO. Victor Park has been developing robust stock and cryptocurrency trading platforms over the past 20-years. The core team also has extensive experience in many areas, including financial big data modeling and asset custody services. They can also trade structured products and derivatives trading.

Flynt's new initiative was launched by Flynt and his team with the bold mission of providing financial freedom for everyone, regardless of their location, technology, or privilege.

Every strategy implemented by Flynt can be found on Flynt’s website. This will ensure transparency to clients about how the deposited funds were used.

Flynt currently offers bitcoin covered-call strategies which generate up to 50% annualized yield. Flynt intends to meet the evolving needs of crypto investors through innovative products.

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