First-Ever Bitcoin Spot ETF Prediction Market, Betting Odds Published By

New Betting Market for Bitcoin Spot ETF, a well-known Bitcoin-exclusive sportsbook, has recently launched a groundbreaking prediction market for Bitcoin Spot ETFs. This unique market focuses on the potential approval date of the SEC's Spot ETF and allows participants to speculate on which ETF sponsor will be the first to receive approval. The published odds provide valuable insights into the market's expectations.

Prediction on SEC Approval Date

According to the odds published by, there is a high likelihood that the SEC will approve a Spot BTC ETF by 1/10/2024, with odds sitting at -1667 for approval and +650 against. This indicates that the market is optimistic about the approval of a Bitcoin Spot ETF by the given date.

ETF Sponsors and Approval Scenarios

At the time of writing, the most favored scenario is simultaneous approval for multiple applicants, with odds at -250. Among the potential Spot ETF sponsors, Blackrock is leading the pack as the most favored for standalone approval, with odds at +120. On the other hand, Wisdomtree and Invesco are considered the least favored sponsors, with odds of +2900 each.

Potential Impact on the Bitcoin Market

The anticipation of Spot ETF approval has had a positive impact on the bitcoin market, with prices currently trading around $42,000. However, it remains to be seen whether this optimism is justified. The introduction of the Spot ETF prediction market by aims to provide investors with greater clarity and insights into the potential impact of SEC approval.

A Milestone for Bitcoin Integration

In a statement provided to Bitcoin Magazine, expressed their excitement about offering the first-ever betting lines for the Spot ETF approval event. They see this as an opportunity for players to join in and celebrate Bitcoin's integration into the mainstream financial landscape. With over 10+ years of experience in Bitcoin gaming, is proud to be at the forefront of this financial evolution.

Explore the Betting Lines

Interested participants can visit the Nitrobetting website to view the available Bitcoin betting lines. In addition to the Spot ETF wagers, there are also predictions related to the 2024 halving price, Bitcoin dominance, and Bitcoin's status as legal tender. Nitrobetting is continuously expanding its offerings to cater to the growing interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-related events.

Disclaimer: Nitrobetting is a proud sponsor of Bitcoin Magazine's "The Bitcoin Halving Challenge," a contest where participants can guess the price of bitcoin at the 2024 halving for a chance to win a share of 1 BTC in prizes.

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