Ethereum Hard Fork Instigator Chandler Guo Claims the Value of ETH and Forked ETHW Will Be the Same in 10 Years

According to Chandler Guo, who initiated the latest Ethereum hardfork, the U.S. dollar price of the newly airdropped coin natively to the forked Ethereum Proof-of-Work (PoW), blockchain will be equal to that of ether. Guo stated that the token's value, currently "very low," will grow 100x over the next ten years.

Inflation in ETHW Trade Volumes

Chandler Guo, self-proclaimed organizer of the Ethereum hard fork, stated that Ether (ETH), and the newly airdropped proof-of-work ETHW, will have the same USD values in ten years. Guo claimed that the new token, currently trading at a fraction of its September 15 peak, still has the potential for growth by 100x.

Guo stated that the current price for the forked currency is "very low," thus allowing it to grow 100x. Guo, an ex-ethereum and bitcoin miner, admits that there is still much work to be done before the forked blockchain can grow 100x. He explained:

Currently, ETH prices are high due to the number of developers and more than 200 projects that run on top Ethereum PoS [proof–of-stake] blockchain. There are only 10 projects running on the ETHW.

Guo said that "the ETH proof of work chain already has two DEXs [decentralized exchanges], two bridges and two NFT [non-fungible token] exchanges" in four days. This is to show that the work to ensure the forked chain matches the PoS one has begun.

He said, "Things are happening slowly and I think after one year there will be more than 100 projects running on the PoW chain."

The protocol's daily trading volume has increased since The Merge, despite the addition of bridges and exchanges to the new chain. Although Coinmarketcap data on September 21st 2022 suggests that the ETHW's daily trade volume was just over $100 million, Guo insists that it is closer to $1billion.

"The trading volume for ETHW is enormous. It's now worth almost a billion dollars. [ETHW] is supported by more that 20 mining pools and 2000 miners around the globe. The former miner claimed that ETHW has been listed on more than 30 exchanges. News reported less than a month prior to The Merge that Guo's team had confirmed the imminent split of another Ethereum chain. Two alternative chains emerged as soon as PoS's migration was completed: the ETHW and Ethereumfair (ETF).

Abandoned Energy

Guo commented on the prospects of the other coin. Guo gained fame after playing a role in the 2016 Ethereum blockchain hard fork.

Another team has forked ETH, but no one is mining there or listing their token. There are only a handful of mining pools and exchanges. The success of a fork depends on the person who forked the ETH. This was not to my benefit. Others fork for their benefit or personal gain. They get rich because of that. I don't do that.

It was widely reported that the Ethereum blockchain would see its energy use drop by more than 91%, before it switched from a PoW consensus mechanism to a PoS one. Climate change advocates applauded September 15 Merge as expected. However, some miners fear that this will encourage opponents to the PoW consensus mechanism.

The argument that bitcoin mining is harmful to the environment was raised by a former miner, who flatly denied it. He stated that instead of purchasing electricity from power companies, many bitcoin miners, especially from China prefer to use "abandoned" energy which is often cheaper.

He said that abandoned energy could be hydroelectricity or natural gas which is not being used. Guo says that local communities have benefitted from the use of abandoned energy in areas like Russia and Kazakhstan where miners harness such energy to mine Bitcoin.

Guo made the following comment regarding reports that the Ethereum merger may have given grounds for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to institute or launch proceedings against some of the blockchain's cofounders:

"I believe Vitalik [Buterin] is the boss. His name is Joseph Lubin. Because he is connected to Wall Street, this guy can solve the problem. He is able to deal with the SEC."

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