Compare GoldCo Gold IRA vs. Augusta Gold IRA | A side-by-side comparison.

Investing in gold through an IRA is one of the best and safest ways to protect your wealth from recession, inflation, and financial crises. An effective way to invest in gold is through an Individual Retirement Account. These are where gold IRA companies like Golden Co and Augusta Precious Metal come into play.

They are two of America’s leading gold IRA companies, and they can help simplify the process of liquidating your gold investments.

Before we compare a precious metals IRA provider to another, let’s first look at whether they have the resources, knowledge, and skills necessary to provide a good service.

Now that we've compared these two gold IRA companies let's see which one is best for you.

GoldCo: Best Value for Money

Most known for their inclusive pricing, GoldCo invests in individuals with widely varying income levels, budgets, and expectations.

Its low minimum initial deposit of just $25,000 made it an ideal choice for both first-time and experienced gold IRA traders. Apart from that, their excellent customer service and full disclosure in every deal make them a perfect choice for new and experienced traders alike.

Goldco is a private organization and an IRA expert that assists investors in every step of the investment process and makes the entire precious metal purchase process very easy and stress-free.

Investors and collector get their IRA services through gold/silvers coins and gold bullion, as well as additional benefits like wealth management and asset protections.

If you want to invest in gold, their stock buyback plan and precious metal investment guide will help you thoroughly. They are a reputable gold IRA company overall.

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Augusta Precious Metals: Best Overall Choice

One of the best features of Augusta Precious Metal is that they've never received any complaints from clients. Their outstanding client services and competitive prices have made them an excellent choice for all sorts of investors.

Many satisfied customers consider Augusta to be among the best companies for purchasing an investment account.

Augusta Precious Metal’s focus on the details makes them one of the best IRA companies out there. They offer excellent customer service, which is why they’re recommended by some of the biggest names in sports.

Since its inception, the firm has offered various educational opportunities related to IRAs to its clients. Augusta currently holds an A+ rating from the National Ethics Association (NEA) and BBB, a 5-star rating from Google, and many others.

They're experts in buying precious metals IRA accounts and are a great place for investors to buy both physical and digital assets.

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Comparison Table

Main Features of GoldCo

Founded in 2006 and serving its clients ever since Goldencove is a private investment firm that protects clients' retirements through investments in precious metal-backed accounts.

Inclusive Pricing

Through its services, the precious metal IRA company helps its clients through the entire process of creating and managing an IRA. It also offers them access to physical and digital forms of precious metal investments.

Their buyback program is good, and they offer a low minimum purchase of just $25,000. For precious metal or gold coin investors, there aren't too many companies that compare to GoldCo.

Fast and Efficient Service

After you've bought your precious metal coins, all you need to do is to look for a custodian. Goldco will take care of finding you one.

Once you've set up an account at the site, you'll be able to select which type of investment you'd like to focus on, whether it's physical investments (such as buying actual bars of precious metals) or digital ones (like investing in cryptocurrencies). You can even buy both types of assets together.

Transparency Regarding Fees

Depending on how much you invest and which type of account you choose, GoldCo may charge different types of transaction costs. You can rest assured that they'll be very open about their charges, and you can be sure that there won't be hidden charges.


Over time, Goldco has received good reviews from its clients and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Better Business Council of America (BCA). So, it's been rated as one of the top gold IRA providers.


Comes with almost twenty years of experience. There are no penalties for starting an IRA early there are no hidden fees or anything extra. You get exactly what you pay for.Very competitive prices low bar of investment


There isn't any direct selling system.

To learn more about this company, please see my complete GoldCo review.

What makes Augusta precious metals unique?

Since they were established in 2012, Augusta has not received any complaints from clients regarding their gold IRA and traditional IRA products.

Among the IRA services, Augusta is a good example.

Educative System

Unlike other gold IRA providers, they don't just sell you an IRA without explaining anything. Instead, they'll explain everything to you so that you know exactly where your IRA stands.

They'll help you out with anything from where to buy gold IRA companies, precious metal prices, and basic business consumer alliances.

A high rating and zero complaints

They're known for their focus on client satisfaction. They've been highly rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but they don't stop there. They're also well-liked on Facebook, Google, and TrustLink.

Four Separate Departments for Efficient Service

They offer four different departments, each one dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible. Their staff includes professional economists, customer support specialists, and an efficient order fulfillment department that will help you through the entire buying process.

With these investments, you can choose between purchasing IRS-approved bullion or investing in precious metals through an IRA. Both options are safe because they sell approved coinage, so you don't need to worry about buying non-IRS-approved bullion.

Once you've chosen to use their services, they'll be taking care of everything for you. All you need to do is provide them with the required information.

Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) has been doing well for years now.

A wide range of precious metals

When the paperwork is complete, you'll be taken to the ordering desk, where they will help you select from a wide range of physical, precious metal products, including platinum, palladium, and gold.

Bullion dealers tend to offer physical precious metals at competitive prices. Their no-commissions sales ensure that they don’t charge commissions for transactions. Has no complaints from the Better Business Bureau since 2012Organizes educational seminars attended by Harvard economists for their clients. You may be eligible for up to ten years of tax breaks if you're self-employed. They offer “Account Life Time Support” for all their clients. Making no-commission sales safe for customers to spend means making them less likely to be scammed by units' quite transparent and straightforward pricing. You need at least $50,000 in your account to open an IRA.

To learn more about this company, please read my full Augusta Pre­cious Metals report.

GoldCo vs. Augusta Precious Metals – A feature-by-feature comparison between these

Before we compare GoldCo and Augusta, let us first understand on what basis we did so.

Reputation and Customer Reviews

A company is a company, so it needs to be concerned about its reputation. Therefore, we compared the two companies by taking their user reviews very seriously.

After reviewing hundreds of different reviews about and, we finally chose the best among them. Apart from that, we also took into consideration the opinions of experts in this field.

Now we've reviewed most of the ratings given by critics and customers for these two brands.

Both GoldCo and Augusta received excellent customer service scores from BBB and BCA. Their reviews confirmed that they’re both very qualified and decent options.

Winner: Tie


We looked at which company offers the easiest way to set up a gold IRA, but it's not that straightforward, and you may require some guidance throughout the sign-up process.

Fortunately, both the gold IRA providers offer a few straightforward and easy steps to open a new IRA. You just need to fill out their online forms or contact them directly for help.

Overall Costs

They charge different prices for different types of businesses. We focused more on their needed fees and saw which was cheaper.

When comparing GoldCo and Augusta, GoldCo offers better pricing compared to Augusta. In addition, Augusta also has discounts and waiver conditions. However, these two companies offer different types of services. Some of the services offered by GoldCo can only be availed through Augusta. Therefore, it would not make sense to compare GoldCo and Augusta.


It’s here where Augusta takes an advantage over GoldCo. All their products come with no-commission caps, making them much safer for the customers than GoldCo.

An online brokerage firm needs to be completely transparent about its markup fees and commission rates. Both companies are quite upfront about these issues, but Augusta just isn't taking any commissions.

Winner: Augusta Precious Metals

Setup and Storage Fees

Yes, some IRA providers will require an initial deposit when opening an IRA. However, they may waive fees if there is a large bulk buy of metal or gold.

The price for storing items depends on their weight. If you want to store an item, you need to pay a certain fee depending on its weight. However, if you want to store multiple items, you may be able to get discounts.

Maintenance Fees

There's one thing left to cover – the monthly fee. It includes the administrative costs associated with running an online business.

Bigger investment firms usually charge an administrative fee ranging from $50 to $200. Some of them even add their own administration costs to the storage fee.

Both GoldCo and Augusta were very upfront about all these fees. We really appreciated that transparency. Other companies might not be as open about these fees. So, if you're looking for an IRA provider, check out GoldCo and Augusta first.


Precious metal investors should definitely consider having more than one precious metal fund. It makes sense because when there's more choice, people tend to choose the option with more products.

Augusta wins out because they have a wider range of IRS-approved precious metal options than any other company. They also have a larger stock of physical bullions for sale.

Both companies will assign an expert who will take into account your preferences and suggest which precious metal bars and coins you might want to purchase. What makes them different is that one company sells bullion coins, and the other sells numismatic coins.

It helps both investors and customers feel safe about their investments.


Yes, buybacks play an important role. You may encounter situations when you need to quickly convert your bullions into cash. While most companies don't allow it or make the process too difficult, GoldCo and Augusta provide easy ways to do so.

Their fee structure for buying back shares is transparent and straightforward. If you want to sell your shares before you retire, they're the best choice you've got.

As long as you're not trying to liquidate the account before retirement, there will always be an additional 10% tax imposed by the IRS.

Final Verdict

Both of them are reputable gold IRA providers, and they're very reliable in terms of their precious metal products and services. We'll have to choose one.

Our GoldCo vs Augusta Precious Metals Comparison clearly indicates that Augusta Precious MetALS has the advantage over GoldCo.

If you want to buy gold but don't have enough cash to pay for an expensive and complicated account, then go ahead and use GoldCo. But if you have $50k to spend on gold, then we recommend going with Augusta. They're better than GoldCo. Good luck investing!

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