Bitpapa Enters Kenyan Cryptocurrency Market

PRESS RELEASE. P2P marketplaces are now the preferred platform across Africa, despite the negative attitudes of financial regulators toward digital assets. Many P2P exchange providers have noticed Kenya as the leader in P2P cryptocurrency trading. Bitpapa is one such exchange, and has just entered the Kenyan cryptocurrency market.

Bitpapa is a worldwide P2P marketplace that offers cryptocurrency trading services. It has been in existence since 2018 and it was only a matter time before Bitpapa entered the lucrative Kenyan cryptocurrency market.

Bitpapa allows users to trade Bitcoin (Ethereum (TON), Monero (USDT) for Kenyan shillings in a secure and private P2P environment via a website or mobile app. This is a unique feature among crypto trading platforms.

Users can register with their email address and enjoy the convenience of being able to use it immediately. There is no need to provide ID verification or confirm with a number. After activating their account, users can immediately start trading by following the link sent to them. You can trade as much as you like daily, even though your account is not activated.

Bitpapa has a policy which ensures equal and fair treatment for all account users. To assist with any queries or issues, the friendly and knowledgeable support staff is available 24/7.

Trades made on the marketplace are protected by the marketplace, regardless of whether the seller or buyer is involved. Bitpapa allows users to buy cryptocurrency and can guarantee that the seller will honor the deal. Bitpapa can guarantee that the seller will honor their purchase. This prevents any malicious traders from taking advantage of a user. A user can file a dispute with the seller if the seller refuses to release the coins after payment. The marketplace will then intervene.

The sellers will release the coins only once they have received payment. Buyers bear the proof burden. Accordingly, the buyer must show that the payment was made to the seller in accordance with the details.

Trades can be either completed and the counterparties get their dues or cancelled without anyone losing anything.

P2P marketplaces can be used as remittance service. Bitpapa allows users to instantly send coins to other users. Bitpapa recognizes which wallet address belongs to the marketplace, and automatically distinguishes between external and internal addresses.

Telegram bot allows users to create Bitpapa codes that they can then give to friends and customers. These codes can be redeemed on Bitpapa by users to increase their balances on the platform for free.

Bitpapa's launch in Kenya has accelerated the competition in this sector. Worldwide cryptocurrencies have captivated Kenyan users, and Bitpapa hopes to become their preferred platform for trading and exchange.

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Title: Bitpapa Enters Kenyan Cryptocurrency Market
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Published Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2022 11:00:39 +0000

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