Bitcoin Miners Don’t Exist — But Bitcoin Validators Do

The public will perceive bitcoin miners as bitcoin validators, and it will prevent the framing effect.

This opinion editorial is by Doc Sharp, a Bitcoin product designer who has been funded by Spiral in order to support various bitcoin FOSS projects.

Anyone who has been in the digital asset space for a while knows that almost all projects, with the exception of bitcoin, are able to create effective public relations to promote their decentralized only-in-name (DINO). project. It's not surprising that the tens and billions of dollars raised over the years had to go somewhere. And it certainly did not go towards building new technology.

The public relations aspect of bitcoin is lacking in one area: the way blocks are validated. This is colloquially known as proof-of-work (PoW), or mining.

First, how does mining work?

Bitcoin miners use PoW (which uses energy) to locate a needle in the haystack. They use the needle to create and add new blocks to Bitcoin's blockchain. The miner is rewarded with newly-minted bitcoin when the new block has been added. This is the best way to reach network consensus and create valid blocks. You can read more about bitcoin mining here.

Bitcoin mining is like looking for a needle in the haystack.

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Bitcoin Mining and The Framing Effect

Green narratives are increasingly important in an age where capital is directed by criteria such as environmental, social, and governance (ESG) scores.

This is why the perceived high energy cost of mining bitcoin and the term mining, which are associated with environmental destruction, have become barriers to bitcoin adoption. DINO projects use this red herring to discredit bitcoin and to pump their cash.

Bitcoin mining is relatively low in energy consumption and is mostly green. These realities are often overlooked by people due to cognitive bias called the framing effect.

"The framing effect" is a cognitive bias that allows people to decide whether options have positive or negative connotations.

The term mining has many negative connotations. See image below. Because of the framing effect, there are many digital assets that offer similar solutions to bitcoin. They have a smaller environmental footprint and can be preferred by naive users.

This is what people think about when they hear the word mining.

Although I won't go into details, the "greener" solution of proof-of-stake is not viable and will eventually lead to centralization. It's not surprising that people choose to make decisions based on superficial reasons such as their views about energy.

The prospect theory is a psychological theory that explains why the framing effect exists.

The prospect theory states that people are more affected by the prospect of losing money than they are by the prospect of earning the same.

The gain of PoW (More energy usage, but decentralized) is more than the loss PoS (Lesser energy use but centralized). It's not difficult to see the loss from an environmental perspective.

This is made worse by sensationalist pieces like "Bitcoin uses more electricity than many countries" that claim climate change is a major societal problem. What is the best way to do that? It is important to circulate frequently. This is how the framing effect manifests, as people are only shown one frame (the environment one).

What can we do to get people to see that bitcoin mining doesn't boil the oceans, but is a smart use of energy? We could learn from the DINO handbook and use narratives with less negative connotations to our advantage.

This could be used to mine bitcoins. It's simple.

Let's call Bitcoin miners, Bitcoin validators

The Ethereum 2.0 merger has seen Ethereum move from mining with PoW to validators with PoS. Ethereum 2.0 merge will eliminate mining and miners as we know, with claims of up 99.5% energy savings.

These energy savings come at the expense of decentralization, which is a red herring. Without decentralization, cryptocurrencies are useless. Even if the energy consumption of a centralized public cryptocurrency is small, it's still 100% wasted because the network has failed. This is what Bitcoiners know and why they will never alter the code.

We are back to the framing impact. Due to the marketing efforts of DINOs, validators has a much higher positive connotation than mining. People will see the term with a lower number of negative connotations. People will be able to see the benefit of PoW (More energy consumption, but decentralized) better than the loss from PoS (Less energy usage, but centralized). This is done by using validator, which is a media-friendly term.

DINO has done the hard work by changing the narrative to PoS > POW. We can leverage this effort to our advantage, just as DINO has done it time and again by using the bitcoins name to justify their Rube goldberg machine.

By calling bitcoin miners bitcoin validators, you can stop the framing effect and shift the narrative to PoS POW. The use of the same term for Bitcoin and Ethereum makes it easier to understand the differences. It is also technically more precise and explicit because validators (miners) produce valid blocks.

Here are some mining terms that we need to change.

Bitcoin validator pools = Bitcoin mining pools

Bitcoin miners = Bitcoin validators

Bitcoin mining = Bitcoin validating


Re-framing PoW mining as PoW validating will help bitcoin in the long term. This is because it will prevent the framing effect, which is a cognitive bias that causes people to make decisions based on the connotations of options.

Mining = negative connotations.

Validating = Positive Connotations (thanks Ethereum).

Doc Sharp contributed this guest post. These opinions are not necessarily those of BTC Inc.

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By: Doc Sharp
Title: Bitcoin Miners Don’t Exist — But Bitcoin Validators Do
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Published Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2022 00:05:00 GMT

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