Binance Creates Global Advisory Board to Tackle Regulatory Challenges

Binance, a global cryptocurrency exchange, will be aided by an international team of experts who have extensive experience in corporate and public governance. According to Binance's management, this is a sign of Binance’s commitment to compliance and collaboration with regulators.

Crypto Exchange Binance Gets Expert Advice on Regulatory Issues

Binance, the largest digital asset exchange by trading volume, has created a Global Advisory Board. According to a press release, the body includes "distinguished specialists in public policy and government, finance, economics and corporate governance," according to Binance, a leading digital asset exchange.

The main responsibility of the board is to advise Binance about how to handle the most complicated regulatory, political and social issues the entire crypto industry faces as it grows and evolves.

Former U.S. Ambassador Max Baucus chairs the Global Advisory Board. The Global Advisory Board, headed by former U.S. Senator Max Baucus and Ambassador to China, met recently in Paris, France. Its members hail from all parts of the world, including Europe, Africa and South America.

Bruno Bezard (ex-head of the French Treasury) and a former government advisor are among them. Hyung-rin Bang (advisor to the Korea Presidential Committee) and Henrique De Campos Meirelles are also among them. They were both former presidents of Brazil's central bank and economic ministers.

In a statement, Changpeng Zhao, Binance's founder, stated that Binance has been at forefront of the pioneering world of blockchain, crypto and Web3 over the past five year. He noted that the company's team has solved complex problems no one knew existed over that period and stressed:

Our focus has remained constant on providing compliance solutions that protect crypto users' interests, while maintaining a fast pace of socially-beneficial innovations.

Binance's next major step in its mission to share the advantages of modern finance with the world is represented by the new advisory board, explained the chief executive. Max Baucus said that "of all the technologies that have the potential to cause positive disruption, the worlds of crypto, Blockchain, and Web3 are among the most exciting, and the most promising."

CZ also stressed that Binance's ability to manage regulatory complexity is improving with the Global Advisory Board. Binance can tap into the expertise of its members. It was established to demonstrate Binance's commitment to compliance, transparency and cooperative relationships with regulators around world, he said.

Zhao had earlier indicated that the largest cryptocurrency exchange wanted to "go global by playing locally on multiple markets." Zhao made the announcement in Bucharest where he also revealed that the company will open a Romanian office, and launch a Romanian-language support services as part of its plans to expand into Eastern Europe.

Are you positive that the new advisory board will allow Binance to more effectively navigate the crypto regulatory landscape in the markets it operates? Please comment below with your expectations.

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Title: Binance Creates Global Advisory Board to Tackle Regulatory Challenges
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