BigCommerce Launches Bitcoin Payments For 60,000 Merchants

The company has partnered with BitPay, CoinPayments to create one-click integrations that allow merchants to accept cryptocurrency and bitcoin payments.

  • BigCommerce allows bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments to over 60,000 merchants.
  • To create one-click integrations on the platform, BitPay and CoinPayments were partnered by the company.
  • BigCommerce plans to join the ecosystem with additional partners in the near future.

BigCommerce (Nasdaq: BIGC), a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) ecommerce platform, has partnered with BitPay and CoinPayments enabling merchants to accept bitcoin and some cryptocurrencies, per a press release.

BigCommerce is similar to Shopify and allows businesses to create their own ecommerce store with an easy-to-use setup and partner integrations. The business model supports more than 60,000 merchants worldwide and allows them to accept bitcoin payments.

Marc Ostryniec (CSO at BigCommerce) stated that a new generation of consumers is passionate about crypto transactions and that BigCommerce is helping them to do so.

All sizes of merchants will be able use the integrations offered by the two cryptocurrency infrastructure provider. BigCommerce discusses in the release the benefits merchants will enjoy by accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Alternative payment methods allow merchants to reach a wider audience. Merchants will also be charged less, which can help reduce business operating costs. The ecommerce platform, which BigCommerce has selected as partners, allows merchants to manage their wallets and reduce the risk of false-chargebacks.

Stephen Pair, BitPay CEO, stated that accepting cryptocurrency can be difficult and complicated. BigCommerce has teamed up with BitPay to make it easier for merchants to add cryptocurrency as a payment option to their existing payment methods. It takes just a few clicks.

BigCommerce concluded that the current support for its cryptocurrency and bitcoin ecosystem is limited to these two partners. The SaaS provider plans to increase integrations in the near future.

By: Shawn Amick
Title: BigCommerce Launches Bitcoin Payments For 60,000 Merchants
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Published Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2022 17:13:09 GMT

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