B․Duck Enters Web3 With GigaSpace Metaverse Partnership

PRESS RELEASE. B.Duck is a global character IP that has entered Web3 through its first metaverse partnership. MADworld and B.Duck are working together to create a Web3 blueprint for brands, IPs, and other entities in the metaverse.

B.Duck, a Hong Kong-listed company Semk Holdings International Limited (2250 HK) created . By acquiring land NFTs within the GigaSpace, B.Duck will create experiences that bring joy, positivity and fun to its 10+ millions fans.

B.Duck, who was introduced to the digital world via the NFT platform MADworld has already launched a 3D NFT line. NFT owners will soon be able to travel through GigaSpace, spreading positivity in every corner of virtual space.

Project Spaceport & Web3

Project Spaceport will create a district of cultural space. When the metaverse launches, brands can create their own virtual space. B.Duck has permanently clung to its web3 presence at GigaSpace's "Map of the Galaxy".

MADworld, an NFT platform backed Animoca brands has also committed itself to building Project Spaceport within the GigaSpace. Find out more about B.Duck at the MADworld Medium Page.

B.Duck will assist in the creation of the Museum of Brands when the GigaSpace metaverse launches. This innovative platform allows brands to present their visions, products and mission. A brand avatar is another exciting feature — fans can travel in GigaSpace using a B.Duck avatar.

"We are motivated to inspire our fans love of travel and bring them joy and optimism. "The metaverse is how Web3 will be experienced, and GigaSpace allows me to create innovative experiences that we can share with our fans," stated Mr Eddie Hui (founder of B.Duck).

"B.Duck enters Web3 is prominently establishing a foundation to digital creatives for brands, IPs. M, co-founder and CEO of GigaSpace, said that they are thrilled to be a part the journey to provide tools for brands to express their metaverse views.

Win Gigaspace Land

Ten lucky B.Duck NFT community members can win their Gigaspace virtual land from September 16th through October 7th. To reward community members, B.Duck will be hosting three raffles and five games on the official B.Duck Discord. Get involved now, before it's too late!

The best thing? The best part? Participants don't need to have NFTs. All B.Duck fans or Discord members can take part in the raffles and games.

TIP: The more participants join Discord servers earlier, the greater the chance of them gaining experience and obtaining higher levels. You have a better chance of winning if you participate in more raffles or games.

Download this guide and don't forget any of our upcoming games or raffles!

About B.Duck

B.Duck, designed by Eddie Hui in 2005 was originally given to his children as a gift. B.Duck was China’s most important domestic IP character IP in terms of licensing revenue in 2021. SEMK's in-house artistic design abilities have enabled it to create and maintain a portfolio of 26 characters that were self-created under the motto "Be Playful". B.Duck family character characters had more than 10.5million subscribers or been followed by B.Duck followers on various ecommerce platforms. In total, 740 million views of different content related to the B.Duck elements had been recorded as of December 31, 2021.


About GigaSpace

GigaSpace, a virtual space metaverse that uses blockchain technology to allow users to purchase land NFTs and create content. It provides a platform for brands and partners to increase Web3 adoption by helping them build their presence in this metaverse.


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Title: B․Duck Enters Web3 With GigaSpace Metaverse Partnership
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